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11 Dec 2002, 22:05
I made this based off of afterlab's who'sonline mod at his forums at http://forums.ffrepublic.com , so the credits of the idea are his, this in a few words makes the admin username look like this Administrator Name, SuperModerators look like this SuperModeratorName, and Moderators like this ModeratorName I will provide support!

Edit- Updated vB2.2.9 vB hacker file!

11 Dec 2002, 22:08
Screenshot ;)

Vivi Ornitier
11 Dec 2002, 22:48
..... this is already a default feature in the vbulletin isn't it?

11 Dec 2002, 22:49
No, you have to add it yourself manually through index.php

11 Dec 2002, 22:54
Originally posted by Herman
No, you have to add it yourself manually through index.php Not for me...

11 Dec 2002, 22:58
Its a stock feture.

11 Dec 2002, 23:00
He added an underline to Admins and italics to Super Mods.

11 Dec 2002, 23:05
Yes, read the .txt file and you'll figure that out!

11 Dec 2002, 23:32
I modified it like that because we have a group called 'Economic Officers' who control RP (our version of online money).

BTW: Thanks for the credits, Shift.

11 Dec 2002, 23:51
NP lab! I didn't know if you would mind me releasing it..lol

Tony G
11 Dec 2002, 23:59
Your text file is a bit squashed up at the bottom. Maybe adding a few spaces in between the code and what it does could help. :)

But nice mod, might come in handy for me. :)

12 Dec 2002, 00:10
It still looks like that for most people because of link underlining. ^_^

12 Dec 2002, 00:34
But if you have CSS to kill the link underlining like a lot of people do... :p

12 Dec 2002, 00:50
Hernam, you should edit the text file to make your hack instructions readable.

12 Dec 2002, 08:38
Simple Stuff really ;)

Chris M
12 Dec 2002, 14:32
I agree with TECK - They are hardly readable;)


Silenced Soul
12 Dec 2002, 17:34
Why not just make the supermods names in Italics, mods in Bolds, and Admins in Italics/Bolds... what's the point of adding an underline when most of the sites leave underlines on their links?

12 Dec 2002, 20:36
Because, like afterlab said, our sites have people who distrubute the monetary unit, they will appear as an admin would without this hack, while the admin will look even more different.

13 Dec 2002, 21:29
Btw, what is the CSS to kill the underline? I guess I'll do it. :)

Silenced Soul
14 Dec 2002, 04:19
<style type=text/css>
A {text-decoration:none}

14 Dec 2002, 22:29
Also soon I'll update the file to vb2.2.9

15 Dec 2002, 15:20
First post updated with vBhacker file

22 Dec 2002, 00:22