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Chris M
12 Dec 2002, 19:48
Please do the following before attempting to install:

1.) Backup your Files before doing anything
2.) Be aware that although I have tested this myself, there may still be problems...If you do not backup your files, I cannot condone your install of this hack...
3.) If you want to Backup your Database, You can - There shouldn't be any need to...

The files you should have are:

Auto-Forward PMs.txt

Install Info:
Hack Version: 1.0
Files to edit: 1 (root/private.php)
Templates to add: 0
Templates to edit: 0
Time to install: Approx 2 Minutes

Support - I am offering support, but only in THIS THREAD...I unfortunately cannot be here during the coming weeks (Mon-Fri), so therefore you will have to rely on others for assitance, should it be urgent...If you do require assitance, please - Only reply in this thread:)

I don't have any Screenshots - There is no real need for them, but if someone wants to provide some, they can...

Hack info

What does it do? - If you have a Main Admin Account, but, like some people, use just a "Super Mod" account to browse and post on the forums with, this is ideal for you...

If you allow PMs to be sent, instead of just blocking off the "Admin account" from recieving PMs, you can now forward the PMs that are sent to it to your "Super Mod" account Inbox...

The advantage of this, over manually sending it over, is that:

a.) You dont have to logout/login
b.) The message doesn't have the "Fw:" prefix
c.) It is done automatically
d.) It retains the "unread" status, and "Sender" username, as if they sent it to you at your "Super Mod" account

This can be used for a second admin account also;)

It isn't really a major hack - It is purely just a small, but useful modification.

There is more Hack info in the .txt file attached:)



12 Dec 2002, 20:12
I'll probably have a use for this one soon, thanks for sharing :D

Chris M
12 Dec 2002, 20:21
Anybody who downloaded before 21:14 (GMT) today, please re-download the new attachment;)