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Chris M
13 Dec 2002, 19:35
Please do the following before attempting to install:

1.) Backup your Files before doing anything
2.) Be aware that although I have tested this myself, there may still be problems...If you do not backup your files, I cannot condone your install of this hack...
3.) If you want to Backup your Database, You can - There shouldn't be any need to...

The files you should have are:

hack credits.zip

Install Info:
Hack Version: 1.0
Files to edit: 0
Templates to add: 2
Templates to edit: 0
Queries to Run: 1
Time to install: Approx 5 Minutes

Beta tester - Littlebit
Requested by - Littlebit

Support - I am offering support, but only in THIS THREAD...I unfortunately cannot be here during the coming weeks (Mon-Fri), so therefore you will have to rely on others for assitance, should it be urgent...If you do require assitance, please - Only reply in this thread

Live demo
hackcredits.php -> click here (http://www.darkblazes.com/forums/hackcredits.php)
The admin demo has been taken offline

Hack info

What does it do? - If you have alot of hacks installed, but dont want to fill your Footer Template up with all the hack credits, this is ideal for you:) Simply install, and fill out the information, and you dont ever need to wonder what hacks are installed, or to credit them again:)



13 Dec 2002, 19:45
Cool! Looks good. Will install it later:) Thanks

13 Dec 2002, 20:30
Can`t see the point with this.. Who are putting credits for hacks in the footer template?? The only credit the authors gets from me are the one they put in their hacks themselfes. That should be enough I think.....?? Or maybe I have misunderstood something here...? Are we supposed to put a credit for every hack we have installed in the footer template? Not many peoples does this, thats for sure...

Chris M
13 Dec 2002, 20:37
@partang2 - Some hacks ask you to put credits in the footer template...

This simply is a way of removing that, and having a Credit based system:)


13 Dec 2002, 20:41
Ok, I see... Then this hack may be a good one after all! Will have a look at it right now.

Chris M
13 Dec 2002, 20:49

It also can double as a "hack reminder" scheme - If you have installed all sorts of hacks, this can act as a list of the hacks you have installed, and therefore can help you try and locate them once again!:)

It can also be used to let your user's know about what hacks are installed:)


13 Dec 2002, 21:19
I added a hack to it ;0

Chris M
13 Dec 2002, 21:26
I noticed:)

The hacks that are currently there cannot be edited or deleted:)

This is because I want to preserve them as they are;)


13 Dec 2002, 22:10
cute hack, but no thx :)

Chris M
13 Dec 2002, 22:21
Each to his own;)



14 Dec 2002, 00:12
heh looks pretty good, but could use some template work on those tables

14 Dec 2002, 00:45
Nice idea and hack. I will add this one when I get some time. :)

Vivi Ornitier
14 Dec 2002, 03:33
hella nice, if only they made this sooner .. .. why didn't they think of that.

14 Dec 2002, 03:39
Yea some template work is needed, Littlebit actually pmed me too about this, I was way too busy to check, or reply to it sorry ;) But I see my good friend Chris has accomplished it.

Chris M
14 Dec 2002, 11:45

Im not the greatest at templates;)

If anyone wants to provide some alternate templates, that would be swell:)


14 Dec 2002, 14:28
Originally posted by hellsatan
@partang2 - Some hacks ask you to put credits in the footer template...

This simply is a way of removing that, and having a Credit based system:)


Indeed and each fellow hacker wil appriciate it if you add this to your site

14 Dec 2002, 14:30

Cant you make a script wich makes those tables automaticly,
i dont have permission to do so on the server.


Chris M
14 Dec 2002, 22:30

I'll get it to you tomorrow:)


14 Dec 2002, 22:40
I will definately install this, thanks! :)

/me pushes install :-D


Chris M
15 Dec 2002, 16:03
No problem Herman:)

News update

I am going to release v2.0 very soon!:)

The templates are pretty much the same, except for a bit of "intelligent" coding...

Now, if you dont enter any of the following information, it doesn't display a link:

hack thread
author contact
author website

v2.0 will include a new query to run (to add the "Hack Credits" hack to the database), and a small template modification for the updating people:)

There are no changes to the admin script:)


15 Dec 2002, 16:14
I cant add anythink LoL

Chris M
15 Dec 2002, 16:29
I used a vBhackmaker file to do this, so you will need vBhacker - Im not sure if I did it right;)

Ignore the "file changes" part - I had to put something so it would allow me to make it:(


15 Dec 2002, 16:37
Hey, sometime, that is, when I get the time, I'll help you with templates, why don't u contact me on AIM? Herman Nation is my screen name!

Chris M
15 Dec 2002, 16:42


Another news update

The so-called "intelligent" coding I used screwed up:D

v2.0 will have to wait a little longer;)


15 Dec 2002, 17:08
errrrrm,....It doesn't work for me.
Have youg ot any problems when i try to make my own?

Chris M
15 Dec 2002, 17:49

If you make one and it works, post it please!:)


15 Dec 2002, 17:53
Ok :D thxx

Chris M
15 Dec 2002, 18:00


21 Dec 2002, 07:20
Who are the 2 idiots who rated this thread 1??????
For those who voted 1, if you're such a smart ass and think this hack is worth 1, why don't you write a better one???
I think thread rating is really bad and it should be taken down by administration. Is frustrating for someone who make a hack and spend time on his work to see his sweat rated 1.

Dean C
21 Dec 2002, 07:27
I coudn't agree more ^

21 Dec 2002, 07:31

Chris M
21 Dec 2002, 08:30

I have a new template design done by somebody if they want me to post it:)


21 Dec 2002, 18:33
I don't know if I want everyone to know what hacks I have installed on my forums ...

But otherwise, this is a good piece of work!

Chris M
21 Dec 2002, 19:06


01 Jan 2003, 22:31
I did that template design and yes I'd like you to post it ^_^

Chris M
02 Jan 2003, 10:06

I will release it later on this weekend:)