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14 Dec 2002, 22:54
a password generator.
You don't need to edit a PHP file, but create one!!!
You might use register.php to edit and rename to pswcreator.php or something.

Hackname: PswCreator Pointer
Creator: Flup
Hack Version: 1.0
Will I support this hack: Yes (like all my hacks)
Demo of the Psw Creator: Psw Creator (http://sat-gsm.dyndns.org/forum/pswcreate.php)

Al info is added in the TXT file

14 Dec 2002, 23:06

15 Dec 2002, 00:36
Interesting idea, and it seems random enough that each password generated couldn't somehow be used on another account. No need for me to use it though, and in truth random passwords don't stay in memory too well ;) (not to mention, how lazy can you be to not create your own password??)

Maybe a random-username generator would be more useful? Names that actually make sense though, not random strings.

15 Dec 2002, 01:40
all the passwords in the demo have symbols and such, that would make it next to impoosible to rember how to type. It may just be the fact that its german....

15 Dec 2002, 03:11
It's more than likely the fact that he's German and runs a German forum ;)

15 Dec 2002, 05:25
random passwords are the best.

I'd say you have a pretty good chance of someone else not being able to figure out your password, if you can't even remember it yourself.

Though I guess a message board password isn't as important as some other things...

15 Dec 2002, 09:21
I'm Dutch, not german

15 Dec 2002, 09:33
Name: Psw Genertor
Version: 1.01
Creator: Flup
Credits: Manuel Reyes for his Psw Creator
Working Demo: Live Demo (http://sat-gsm.dyndns.org/forum/pswcreate.php)

Everything can be the same, download the passgen.php and rename it the way you called it in registeradult and registercoppa.

Good Luck.

Btw, this passgen is way nice!!

Chris M
16 Dec 2002, 17:10

Perhaps a Random Username Generator?:)


16 Dec 2002, 17:11
Nice hack:)

That could be aranged

Chris M
16 Dec 2002, 18:29

Would be nice;)


16 Dec 2002, 18:53
I will try also

Chris M
16 Dec 2002, 19:28


16 Dec 2002, 19:49
Nice hack, is the problem with displaying symbols fixed?

20 Jun 2003, 02:19
Nice Hack. One suggestion. Instead of using

<a href="http://YOURSITE/forum/passgen.php"

Why don't you use:

<a href="$bburl/passgen.php"

It works because it uses the board URL you specified in the VB Options. As long as you don't add the trailing slash (Which your NOT supposed to do anyways), it works. It is less editing for the person who is hacking.

You could also include the passgen.php file already made so they just have to upload that. More installer friendly.

20 Jun 2003, 13:06
U'r right, but in the time i made this little addition, i didn't knew about the $bburl variable

21 Jun 2003, 16:09
I just noticed the date :p Thanks for the addon though :)

21 Jun 2003, 16:29
Ur welcome m8