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21 Dec 2002, 03:50
This is something I came up with to get more members & traffic in my forums. I figured someone else might find it useful, so here ya go. :)

What it does:
This hack will make it possible for you to require your users to have a minimum number of referrals (which you define in the admin control panel) before they can use a custom avatar.

Note: This can be used together with the standard feature which requires a minimum post count to use a custom avatar, but if you set both options your members will have to reach the minimum post count before they can upload an avatar, even if they have enough referrals.

Instructions attached and screen shots to follow.

If you find this hack useful please click install. :)

21 Dec 2002, 03:54
Avatar options in admin control panel:

21 Dec 2002, 03:56
"Need more referrals" error message:

Dean C
21 Dec 2002, 06:49
Nice hack... im sure some people will use it :p


- miSt

21 Dec 2002, 16:43
Saves me the trouble of making it.

/me clicks install. :)

Chris M
21 Dec 2002, 18:18
Nice idea;)


22 Dec 2002, 00:48
Thanks. :)

22 Dec 2002, 23:49
Great idea!

23 Dec 2002, 00:11
Originally posted by alkatraz
Great idea!

Thanks. :) I set it up on my forum so that all of my members can use gallary avatars, but only users who have 2 or more referrals can upload thier own custom avatars.
Now I just gotta find or make some cool gallary avatars. :confused: