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20 Dec 2002, 21:10
w00t :)
Now this is a useful hack ;)
Nice work Xenon :)

20 Dec 2002, 21:33
Originally posted by NuclioN
Page loads indeed quicker and it reduced the index queries by ten..that's significant! I hope that you can do this for the showthread. ;) Well done Xenon.

How did you save 10 queries? :)

20 Dec 2002, 21:37
Originally posted by Xenon
Uploaded new version with small bugfix
be sure you also make the table change to have lastupdate in it :)

Exactly what did you update that we need to change? Is it something simple or do I need to re-do it all? :)

20 Dec 2002, 21:38
Is it just me or are the replies going to the beginning of this thread now? :)