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Chris M
26 Dec 2002, 16:59

You can find the Full Release (1.0 [Final]) here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=47008)

= =-= =

Please do the following before attempting to install:

1.) Backup your Files before doing anything
2.) Be aware that although I have tested this myself, there may still be problems...If you do not backup your files, I cannot condone your install of this hack...
3.) If you want to Backup your Database, You can - There shouldn't be any need to...

The file you should have is:


Install Info:
Hack Version: 3.0Beta
Files to edit: 2
Templates to add: 6
Templates to edit: Depends on where you want to put it
Queries to Run: 1
Time to install: Approx 5-7 Minutes

Requested by - DarkDraco07 here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=47001) & Sinecure

Support - I am not offering Full support for this hack due to it being a BETA hack...I unfortunately cannot be here during the coming weeks (Mon-Fri), so therefore you will have to rely on others for assitance, should it be urgent...If you do require assitance, please - Only reply in this thread

Hack info

What does it do? - Basically, you can allow registered board users to add Affiliation Links to the database, which have to be moderated by you...

Additional Info/Updates

This is really only to make sure this works - I am not sure about the Random part of it:) There are many things I plan to improve on, like a List of unmoderated Affiliate Links, a PM to the user if the Moderation is denied and a reason why, and some kind of notification to the Admins that a new Affiliate Link is posted...

Screenshots/Live Demo

At this time, there are no screenshots, or a Live Demo...If someone can provide them, thank you:)



26 Dec 2002, 17:12
Just a few questions, comments. Is it posssible to put an automatic expiration date on banners? Say you have someone that wants to buy one month of space. Can we specifiy a limit on banner size, in the signup script? Is there a way currently, to see how many hits a link gets? And possibly display this info to the affiliate? That's all for now....


Chris M
26 Dec 2002, 17:20
@Smoothie - So far, this is meant for General use on a board, not for specific Time periods or what have you...

I suppose it could be possible to add a Time field, and have it expire...

With hits and limit size, that will be coming shortly after the Final Release:) It can be displayed to the Affiliate with a little bit of changing here and there:)


Chris M
26 Dec 2002, 19:00
Here are some screenshots:)


27 Dec 2002, 20:07
Neo actually has this hack finished with many many options.

Chris M
27 Dec 2002, 23:50
Good for Neo:p

And when was Neo planning on releasing this hack?:p