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27 Dec 2002, 14:04
This hack allows your members to change the header to all the pages without effecting the theme. This allows you to make multiple headers without a ton of themes and work involved.

Feature List:
Admin add/edit options
User Cp >> Edit Options drop down allowing users to change headers.

hope you enjoy



27 Dec 2002, 14:05
here is a screen shot of the user options

27 Dec 2002, 14:12
Looks good, I may use this, looks like the kind of thing I may need :D

Edit to add, this query:

ALTER TABLE `tfo3_9`.`user` ADD `headerid` TINYINT(8) DEFAULT '1' NOT NULL;

Should be:


27 Dec 2002, 14:22
whoops thanks, i was not paying attention and copied the text given by phpmyadmin, ill update the zip

27 Dec 2002, 15:08

Chris M
27 Dec 2002, 15:16
Looks good zajako:)

I look forward to testing it out:D


27 Dec 2002, 15:35
its very handy as i know a ton of boards that change their template mainly because of the header. now it works out so they can make new headers rather than make a bunch of new styles.

27 Dec 2002, 18:21
ya great idea!

when you say "header", you're talking about the header code from the template right? Will this give me the ability to change the forum colours for each header? (without creating duplicate styles for each color/header scheme)

27 Dec 2002, 18:41
Crafty idea Zajako, not one that I need but I'm sure others will find it useful ;)

27 Dec 2002, 20:37
alkatraz your correct :p

The exact reasoning for this hack to. It makes styles, color and images only, template templates only, replacements replacements only and then headers headers only although they all overlap in their own ways :p you can also add them to all your template sets and change the header to fit the template if you want as well. its pretty open and very flexable :]

Dean C
27 Dec 2002, 20:37
Wow i've been waiting for such a hack for a long time now :P

Can this be easily changed so it just allows users to choose the banner (i.e. {titleimage})??

- miSt

27 Dec 2002, 21:27
yeah but that would require some serious remodling. Practicaly a new hack. Instant message me about it and ill see about making a hack as such.

28 Dec 2002, 00:29
Originally posted by Mist

Can this be easily changed so it just allows users to choose the banner (i.e. http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/images/vBulletin_logo.gif)??

Something that I am looking for too.

Nice hack though Zak ;)

28 Dec 2002, 10:27
ill make a hack to do that in a few hours geniuscrew and Mist. It takes too many changes for this one to simply call it an edit of this one and since i have at least 2 requests for it why not make it :]

Dean C
28 Dec 2002, 10:30
I've been learning PHP since xmas with my new book so i'm going to have a go on my own zajako - thanks for offering though :p

I'll let you know how i get on :D


- mist

28 Dec 2002, 11:24
ill dtill make and rlease it for genuis crew at least, it will only take 5-10 mins to make :] you can then compare yours to mine whne you finish to see how you did as well :]

Dean C
28 Dec 2002, 11:36
Ok sure :p

28 Dec 2002, 11:39
i was already half way done with it otherwise i would just have let you do it and release it :], twill be up in about 5 mins after i double check the coding :]

28 Dec 2002, 13:42
i've some problem with the first and the second mysql query :paranoid:

28 Dec 2002, 15:29
Hey, something HIGHLY useful, and time saving, this I like ;)

29 Dec 2002, 22:41
yeah K you should put my GQ header into the line up, cause i like mine better :P

At least you are useing the logo i designed :P

K what problem do you have with it. Ithink the file might have them out of order. Make sure the one with the word table in it is first.

16 Mar 2003, 06:08
so coool

i'll install it soon

07 Jun 2003, 15:42
I get an error when i click on modify in the admincp. Also the baners are not showing.

Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/myfootba/public_html/admin/db_mysql.php on line 195