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28 Dec 2002, 11:56
This changed the way your header calls the top banner to let your users choose from a list of banners you provide, allowing them to change them from the user cp via edit options. This is just like my header system accept it is just the top banner rather than the entire header.

28 Dec 2002, 11:57
heres a screenshot of the user cp for the header system just change the word header to banner and its the same.

28 Dec 2002, 13:23
it's compatible with your header system? ^^''

Chris M
28 Dec 2002, 13:35
I would imagine so...


Dean C
28 Dec 2002, 17:06
Sounds good... but is it possible to have banners per style?

28 Dec 2002, 17:38
as always a fantastic hack from zajako :D

29 Dec 2002, 22:39
yeah mist, you would have to configure it and expand the table for banners by adding style id, so that users could chose the banner for that style. but you would also have to configure a few other things. a real pain.but if you can get a few others wanting that ill make it.

Dean C
30 Dec 2002, 13:46
My friend bobby wants it... and his friend gary... and gary's friend lara...

And me of course :p lol

17 Jan 2003, 15:55
please check your install directions and your banner.php file. I can not get this to work and have found errors all through the install instruction.

27 Apr 2003, 04:56
IS there a way so you can have it show a different header every time the page is refreshed?

07 Dec 2006, 09:12
is this compatible with 3.6.x?

12 Dec 2006, 01:25
no. this is an old modification that does not work with the current versions in circulation.