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02 Jan 2003, 20:01
Hello all !

Here is small funny hack (5 strings of new code only in one script :) That may help to bring more power to vb templates :)
- executing php scripts (with modified syntax) from templates. Changing\creating php variables from templates, conditional actions and database requests without editing scripts.
It is all :)

PS changes in 1.1
- normal php variables syntax (with $)
- added example of database request from template
- support for several PHP blocks in one template

02 Jan 2003, 20:16
hey, looks nice :)

Dean C
02 Jan 2003, 20:35
Indeed this looks very nice.

But what if a template is called by more than one file?

- miSt

02 Jan 2003, 21:05
then why not to use some condition checking #PHP_SELF in template code ?

02 Jan 2003, 21:37
he got u there mist ;)
Looking nice JohnWooo
I will check it out when I get home

03 Jan 2003, 00:43
Interesting, but for organizational methods I like to keep PHP separate from the templates :p

03 Jan 2003, 04:04
Well I would use this in a case of when I am lazy to add 3 lines of code that do 1 thing one 1 page.

So it would be pretty useful in my caze :)

03 Jan 2003, 04:45
hmm seems not to be working correctly :(
I was trying to pull out the the filesize attachments

~%#data = 'index.php';#id = filesize(#data);echo "Filesize for #data: (#id)"%~

It gets printed at left top corner page and not right after attachment :confused:

03 Jan 2003, 07:48
It is "limited functionality". Remember? :) echo will not work - sorry :) Try to replace echo with return.

03 Jan 2003, 16:54
nice. we should release template mods with this(they might like this on www.vbulletintemplates.com to.

03 Jan 2003, 21:21
@Velo: yeh, but sometimes this can be usefull to, if you just want to calculate some values (ppd directly in the template instead of the code)

The Prohacker
04 Jan 2003, 21:45
Hmm... The 1.1 zip seems to be empty...

04 Jan 2003, 22:19
Updated :)
It downloads fine for me (and before it was fine too)

05 Jan 2003, 01:18
Originally posted by VeoMorphine
nice. we should release template mods with this(they might like this on www.vbulletintemplates.com to.

We have our own wrapper that works from the phpinclude template. Its a bit more work to code with it but it keeps us from hacking files. We have many of the hacks here working with only the phpinclude.

05 Jan 2003, 08:00
But phpinclude will be executed on any page of forum, and think that it is not good :)

05 Jan 2003, 11:20
Acully no. for example this would only be ran on index.php, The query it exucutes will only be done on that page, its ignored on all others.

if (strpos($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], 'index.php') != false)
$query='code here'

Chris M
05 Jan 2003, 11:21
Nice Idea;)

@Anime-loo - Wouldn't "$DB_site->query" be better?


05 Jan 2003, 11:42
Yes. It is another way. But what if you need to execute some code inside some loop ? :) Think that for example calculating something different for each post on showthread.php must be impossible using phpinclude only...

05 Jan 2003, 12:09
Originally posted by hellsatan
Nice Idea;)

@Anime-loo - Wouldn't "$DB_site->query" be better?


yes, i was only showing a example ;) this would be the correct useage if you where ganna show the result of the query on index.php


05 Jan 2003, 12:13
also it's not good to expand the phpinclude template such a lot.
rembember it's loaded on everypage, also if everything is in an if-clause it has to be loaded and so on.