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04 Jan 2003, 20:13
This hack will allow you to add additional color selections to your style settings in Admin CP. vBulletin comes with the most common color uses already in our styles. However, for those of us that are hack-heavy, or require more differentiation, the ability to change other colors dynamically is needed.

If you have no idea what the heck I am talking about, check out the screenshot below :)

This hack is VERY easy to install (one code addition, one template addition) and should talk even novices two minutes to finish. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!

04 Jan 2003, 20:15
Screenshot Attached

04 Jan 2003, 20:28
Nice hack...

04 Jan 2003, 20:42
Indeed, it's nice, but not needed, what I would like, is a hack that allows you to add more colors to the color dropdown.


Dean C
04 Jan 2003, 22:01
Not bad - i just add a replacement for this :)

- miSt

04 Jan 2003, 22:04
Great idea :) Though I do what Mist does, this might be a bit smarter. I'll have to take a look.

04 Jan 2003, 22:05
Yupp, nice.... :)

05 Jan 2003, 00:19
Thanks for the compliments, all.

The benefit to using this vs. a simple replacement set is that it is MUCH easier to change things globally on the fly. I've been toying around with different custom sets ideas, and the best one I have come up with is this: If you site has official colors, you could create a few called { sitecolor1 }, { sitecolor2 }, etc. This gives you the abliity to use these colors over and over again.

Just a few ideas... :)