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07 Jan 2003, 14:58
lastX shows you the last x activities on your forum. You can include it everywhere in your page. You may say that there's a thousand scripts around which do that but this one is slightliy different. It uses Erik Bosrup's overLIB to display informations about the thread and the last poster. With this it only needs to columns and can be configured to use very little space on your page. You can view a live demo at:


Here's how to install it:

Unpack the 4 files and upload them somewhere to your server. Make sure that you specify the correct relative path to your vBulletin directory in the lastxconfig.php file. The values, which can be modified to customize lastX are described in the config file.

Please note that overLIB was not coded by me but by Erik Bosrup.

This addon has been tested with vBulletin 2.2.0 and vBulletin 2.2.9. I hope they didn't change the db fields between those versions ;)

Dean C
07 Jan 2003, 18:17
Wow this looks very nice - i've never been a fan of these rollovers but good hack nevertheless :)

- miSt

07 Jan 2003, 21:46
Very nice!!!, but I have a question.

Let's say I want to add this page to the main menu on the board.
In that case, I'd like this page to have the boards default backgroundcolor and header (logo+buttons, etc) added.

Can someone advice me how to do this?
I guess it's a matter of modifing lastx.php (and possible some more e.g. global.php o.s.l.t.)

Thanks in advance

08 Jan 2003, 00:34
Well, in this version you have to do it manually by modifying the $strHeadColStyle and $strItemColStyle to your needs. This mod should be included within a page so that it inherits the page's style (color, mousovers...)

If you include lastx.php in your main menu then it will use the main menu's background color. The table color can be set by the two variables mentioned before.

...or did I misunderstand you?


08 Jan 2003, 14:43
Nice hack, wont install it though