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12 Jan 2003, 00:48
Okay, just so you know, I found only one instance of something that sounded similar to this idea in this database. But it was to set options for usergroups, this is for links, and I did not view any of their code at all.

Also, I personally run 2.2.9, but I am pretty certain that 2.2.8, or any other 2.2.x versions, should be able to handle this, so long as they still get $bbuserinfo from global.php.

This hack is also rather simple, requiring 1 real small file edit, and 1 real small template edit. Its also really flexible is what it displays.

What it does: Displays Links to whatever, based on your usergroup. (The links I chose to display I will add screenshots of after this)

12 Jan 2003, 00:53
to see what the forums looks like while not an admin, goto

and what you do see (as an admin, and what i personally chose to link) is attached.

Vivi Ornitier
12 Jan 2003, 00:54
waitin fo links . . ..

Vivi Ornitier
12 Jan 2003, 00:56
hahahha . . .wha ta coincedence. My friend sephiroth made one VERY similar to that. Not the same links but the general idea a whilst back, it's all good though,


12 Jan 2003, 01:07
Seems nice I might install it.

12 Jan 2003, 19:40
...I keep getting a parse error on line 19, which is target="blank">Admin CP</a> | <a href="### (my database)"

Chris M
12 Jan 2003, 19:53
@Darkwaltz4 - You forgot to parse the HTML code:bored:

I've attached a parsed version...


12 Jan 2003, 20:21
hmm...thats odd--in my files, it is not / parsed at all...exactly as i put it, is exactly how it is. like i said, im using 2.2.9, so i dunno if thats what the problem was.

12 Jan 2003, 21:10
I have conditional templates installed, so I can do much more than this ;)

18 Jan 2003, 03:09
_maybe_ its because i generally use vbftp to edit things, but i dont know, because i havent bothered to check the raw file, and i dont know if vbftp auto-parses things and addslashes.

also, ive recently added a set of links for my mods, and even some special links to help me beta test my triple triad hack, and that is based on their userid--not just usergroup ;)

Red Blaze
30 Jan 2004, 17:18
If you want this globally you could add it in the PHP parsed code box, but then it wouldn't be a hack now, would it. ^^;; Nice hack. ^^;

30 Jan 2004, 18:39
:D this hack sucks, i wrote it over a year ago when i was just learning, all this is is a simple conditional :-p

now ive written much more interesting things like topsites scripts, rpg hacks, triple triad hacks, search engine scripts, links scripts, news scripts...its been a long year :-p

btw, this hack would be best used in the iif() function way :-p

Red Blaze
02 Feb 2004, 14:45
Looks like I need to pay attention to the date the thread was done.

/me feels stoopid now. -_-;