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Chris M
12 Jan 2003, 15:09
Please do the following before attempting to install:

1.) Backup your Files before doing anything
2.) Be aware that although I have tested this myself, there may still be problems...If you do not backup your files, I cannot condone your install of this hack...
3.) If you want to Backup your Database, You can - There shouldn't be any need to...

The file you should have is:


Install Info:
Hack Version: 1.0
Files to edit: 2
Templates to add: 1
Templates to edit: 1
Queries to Run: 2
Time to install: Approx 5-7 Minutes

Requested by - assassingod

Support - I unfortunately cannot be here during the coming weeks (Mon-Fri), so therefore you will have to rely on others for assitance, should it be urgent...If you do require assitance, please - Only reply in this thread!!

Hack info

What does it do? - Basically, you can set a Welcome Text message (HTML can be used) for the forum/forums of your choice:)

Additional Info/Updates

Forum Welcome Text Info : The "Activate Forum Welcome?" option must be set to "YES" for this to enable the Forum Welcome Text.

Screenshots/Live Demo

See the posts below:)



Chris M
12 Jan 2003, 15:10
Forum Welcome Text - Enabled in Admin CP...


Chris M
12 Jan 2003, 15:11
Forum Welcome Text - Shown in Forum...


Chris M
12 Jan 2003, 15:17
Forum Welcome Text - Disabled in Admin CP...


Chris M
12 Jan 2003, 15:17
Forum Welcome Text - Not Shown in Forum...


12 Jan 2003, 15:21
uuhh nothing here...or is it just me?

Chris M
12 Jan 2003, 15:24
@a43079 - I am totally confused:confused:

I have tried to upload everything more than once, but they are just not appearing in the posts...:bored::(


12 Jan 2003, 15:26
Hurray:D Its hear.
But I cant download it :(

Chris M
12 Jan 2003, 15:29
^Read above:(


12 Jan 2003, 17:33
I have the same on vbulletin.com - i can't upload attachments :D

Chris M
12 Jan 2003, 17:50
All appears to be ok now:)


12 Jan 2003, 17:52
Sweeet:D Excellent hack! Thanks a million hellsatan

/me licks install

Chris M
12 Jan 2003, 18:00

/me licks, er...something;):p

Your welcome ag:)


Dean C
12 Jan 2003, 18:26
Looks really good satan - similar to filburt's hack and the forum header/footer hack :)

But i know you would have coded this yourself so good on ya ;)


- miSt

Chris M
12 Jan 2003, 19:47
It is? I didn't even know that it existed:bored:

Ah well:D



12 Jan 2003, 22:40
MySQL said:
You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'ALTER TABLE `forum` ADD `welcometext` BLOB NOT NULL' at line 2

vLIMIT Sandman
12 Jan 2003, 23:08
Execute them separately. I got the something.


ALTER TABLE `forum` ADD `enablewelcome` smallint(6) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL

Then Run

ALTER TABLE `forum` ADD `welcometext` BLOB NOT NULL

Great hack btw. Much like the ubb standard.

13 Jan 2003, 11:38
nice hack

i like yr hacks man , keep going


installing . . .

15 Jan 2003, 14:34
me too...

/me clicks *download* and then *install*

16 Jan 2003, 17:00
Anyone tried to add a new forum after installing this hack?
Getting MSQL errors!

Database error in vBulletin Control Panel 2.2.1:

Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO forum
styleoverride,allowratings,countposts,moderateattach,allowguestpostview,enablewe lcome,welcometext)
(NULL,'36','ProCircuit Direct','Questions/Discussions relating to ProCircuit products and services. Monitored by ProCircuit\'s Travis Wicks.','1','1','107',
mysql error: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1

mysql error number: 1136

Date: Thursday 16th of January 2003 11:55:56 AM

Whats the best way to reverse the sql queries? Just delete the tables they created?

Chris M
17 Jan 2003, 17:56
This is not caused by the MySQL Queries you ran...

This is due to an incorrect edit of admin/forum.php...

Replace the forum.php with the backed up one, and try again...


13 Jun 2004, 04:35
is it now a feature included in vb3 or not ? if not , can you make a new hack for vb3 :)

21 Jul 2004, 09:49
is it now a feature included in vb3 or not ? if not , can you make a new hack for vb3 :)

could you say Yes Or No ? mr.hellsatan :nervous: