View Full Version : When guest click on forum. Redirects them. Based satan's hack.

15 Jan 2003, 01:00
Hellsatan created a hack that makes it to where a guest clicks on 'New thread', 'New post', 'User cp' it redirects them to the registration page. Well i decided to make a little addon. I made it to where when they click on a thread on the forum index, it redirects them. ;). So give me feed back. Thanks.

15 Jan 2003, 01:06
Give me some feedback on if this is useful. Thanks ;)

15 Jan 2003, 01:40
Hum, it says "using FireFly's hack" in the thread title :)

15 Jan 2003, 01:44

15 Jan 2003, 14:43
Nice job Logik!


15 Jan 2003, 17:46
If you use it please click install. .Thanks ;)

16 Jan 2003, 03:24
I guess no one likes this. Being my first hack :(

Tim Wheatley
16 Jan 2003, 14:48
Na I doubt it's that. It's just that I only need up to what satan sorted. Not threads too - but nice work. :)

16 Jan 2003, 22:20
sounds good to me. nice job, maybe i'll install later ;)

16 Jan 2003, 22:52
thanks ;)

17 Jan 2003, 20:29
I guess this hack is worthless? Usually they get like 100 post a day :(

Chris M
17 Jan 2003, 21:13
Nice work:)


17 Jan 2003, 23:33
Satan.. :). WB.. Anyways. Hope you dont mind that. And also imma make another hack here shortly. Might release tonight.. Dont know. If i even make it.. I have alot of time on my hands, with my site, and school ;)

22 May 2003, 19:20
this hack siuts me just fine only thing i like it to do is when person is redirected instead of register i want login page because there is also a link for register there plus if someone is not a member they have a chance to login

// start
if ($bbuserinfo[userid]==0) {
// end

many thanks

23 May 2003, 01:54
Glad you liked.

11 Feb 2004, 16:08
What could we do to enhance this hack. So that we can prevent regular members to certain forums. Example: You have a multiple forums and a few of them are for members who paid. It would be nice if when a member can see the forum and click on it a message pops up and say you have to pay in order to view this forum entirely. Is there a way you can limit a forum to like only the threads they can read to only what was posted that day?

Idea here is to allow the regular member the opportunity to view some of what is in the forum so they can say "hey I don't mind paying some money to view this forum".

25 Feb 2004, 19:33
I am trying to get it to redirect to the login page. I don't want it to go to the register page. I am currently running 2.3.4. Here is the code in the original hack:

// start
if ($bbuserinfo[userid]==0) {
// end

Can someone give me some help?


26 Feb 2004, 22:34
Whats the url/php file for the login page??

03 Apr 2005, 20:54
Question: Does this mod include Satan's or do we have to install both to get both benefits?