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21 Jan 2003, 23:46
This is pretty simple, but its a nice addon. Julie is behing the idea of this hack.

So if you cant guess what this does then I will tell you. It makes it so that you can make a mod the head of a forum. Now you have to make a new usergroup for this but its alot simpler then playing around with admin files for hours and hours.

This has been tested on 2.2.8 so it works as far as I know.

Images are below if you need visual help (which most of you do ;))

To make this work correctlt you will have to edit all 3 of these


to the usergroupid that the main mods will be..

anyways here it is.

21 Jan 2003, 23:48
image one.

21 Jan 2003, 23:48
image two.

21 Jan 2003, 23:55
Nice hack. I might install it. good job bro

22 Jan 2003, 00:04
This will be very nice for my politically based board. Thank you. :)

22 Jan 2003, 00:15
So anyone in the main mod usergroup will be the main mod of every forum they are set to mod?

Suggestion: Add a field to the moderators table (not sure of the name) for the main mod capability and edit forum.php a little bit so that it will add a yes/no option for that user to be a main mod of that forum. That way, Mod A can be a head mod of forum A, but a regular mod of forum B. :)

22 Jan 2003, 00:28
Link: A main mod will be only put in the forum they are modding. If you put a main mod in two forums then she/he will be the main mod for those forums, and so on.

And when I get around to making a update I will look into it, but having one less query is always good. :)

22 Jan 2003, 01:44
Nice neo.. Good idea. ;)

22 Jan 2003, 12:43
This doesn't give the "head mod" any more powers does it? It's just visual isn't it?

Sweet Cheeks
22 Jan 2003, 14:55
Awesome!!!!!! :banana: Thank you so much for taking the time to write this hack for us Neo :D

Dean C
22 Jan 2003, 16:24
Good idea ...!

Keep releasing more hacks neo!

- miSt

22 Jan 2003, 19:54
There are a few ones in the requests that are to small to release ;)

and thanks everyone.

Sweet Cheeks
23 Jan 2003, 04:36
Hey Neo :p

I installed everything and even did it twice to make sure I wasnt missing something but I have a few problems:

the first one is on forumhome, when I have more than 1 main moderator for a forum, it shows all of the main moderators usernames in one line, which makes the table really wide, is there a way to make this wrap like it does for the Regular Mods?

The second thing is, on forumdisplay, when I have more than one main moderator for the forum, it is only showing one of them, but no the others (main mods) but it is showing the regular mod's.

Other than those 2 things I need help with (sorry Im a computer dummy sometimes :paranoid: ) this hack is sweet and Im very grateful for you writing it for all of us :banana:

22 Mar 2003, 18:50
Would be nice if you could choose who will be a main mod whe making the person a mod. Then I would install this hack.