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22 Jan 2003, 18:42
Well I got help from xenon and I was able to add online status on the profile.

What this hack basicly do is lets you add the online status on the forum profile.

Comments are welcome

Screenshot: next post
If you install this hack please click Install (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/misc.php?s=&action=install&threadid=48002)

Note: If this has been made before please delete it

22 Jan 2003, 18:45
Screen shot

22 Jan 2003, 19:08
I don't know if this has been made before but i think it is, anywayz very nice hack, keep them coming//

22 Jan 2003, 19:12
Thanks, if it has been made before a mod can gladly close this :).

22 Jan 2003, 20:07
Nice. Is it formated so that when it hits 365 it ups to a year? That would be sweet. Or even so like this..

Year: xx Month: xx Day: xx

But its all good bro. :)

22 Jan 2003, 20:32
What do you mean? :p

Thanks :) ^^;

22 Jan 2003, 22:28
nice job dood. works great on 2.2.9. thanks. :)

23 Jan 2003, 18:59
I'm happy that you like it :)

26 Jan 2003, 18:35
Just fixed that when the user was offline it will still show them online. Just replace the code.

27 Jan 2003, 14:36
At my Forum it is not shown woh ist online or offline.

I have try ti install it as i can read it.

I don't understand it??

27 Jan 2003, 19:10
Did you even add the $userinfo[onlinestatus] variable where you want the status to show?(on the getinfo template)

28 Jan 2003, 18:54
yes now it works

17 Feb 2003, 21:48
Very nice. *clicks install* :)

22 Feb 2003, 08:49
Great hack thnx
EDIT: There is no need for an online offline hack there is one already there.
You just have to edit it..

30 Oct 2003, 14:56
Handy little hack, just installed and it makes a quirky little difference to the profiles.

21 Nov 2003, 20:57
wish I would of found this a long time ago, I've been looking for this exact hack forever, thanks a bunch works great on 2.3.3

good job :)

25 Jan 2004, 19:27
I cant get it to work on 2.3.4.

I have done all things im supposed to. Changed code in member.php under main vb folder. Made two templates. And put in variable to getinfo template. Any ideas or will this just not work for me??