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24 Jan 2003, 14:43
HACK: Easier Adding of Multiple Avatars in Admin Panel
BY: KuraFire [www.kurafire.com]
SUGGESTED BY: Xiphoid [creations.nl]
DESCRIPTION: Makes submitting large amounts of avatars at once a breeze :)
INSTALL-TIME: 5 minutes

If you ever added like 20 to 50 avatars (or more!) to your vB at once, you probably wished you could've just told the system to take the filenames as the default Title input, and/or specify a minimum amount of posts beforehand, so that you wouldn't have to go adjust each avatar manually. Well, with this hack you can! It gives you the option (defaulted to yes) to tell the script to take the filename, minus the .ext of course, and use that value (stripped from any non-alphabetical or numerical characters) for the Title field (where it will be ucfirst()'d, by the way) as well as the option to specify a minimum amount of posts needed _beforehand_ :)

Install instructions in attachment below :)

24 Jan 2003, 15:28
How about a screenshot?

24 Jan 2003, 15:43
this looks sweet! u can never have too many avatars!

24 Jan 2003, 17:20
Works great!

24 Jan 2003, 17:52
I wish this was release BEFORE I added to 300 avatars to my board -_-

Thanks anyway! I know I will use this sooner or later;)

/me licks install

Chris M
24 Jan 2003, 19:56
Nice work Kura:) Very useful:)


24 Jan 2003, 20:24
Skyrender: ehm, a screenshots is more work than actually installing the hack, y'know. And it's not like it's something you need a lot of imagination for to visualize for yourself :p

Glad you guys like it ^_^

assassingod: yeh, sorry, I never bothered to look into this until Xiph spoke of it by coincidence today, and I remembered what a pain it was 'n all, I have plenty of smilies and 336 avatars on my board :)

/me hugs his 336 Couch Avatars ^_^

25 Jan 2003, 10:13
The big jalous mode: You bloody did this in 3 minutes work!!!

27 Jan 2003, 00:48
Actually, this particular hack was only 1,5 minutes, cos I could just apply the knowledge of the hack for multiple Smilies, all I had to do different here was the options and what you could set.. ^_^

*sticks tongue out at Xiph* ;)

^_^ :)

29 Jan 2003, 06:58
i wanted this when i was first setting up my board!!

29 Jan 2003, 23:39
Same here ... anything that can cut my time in half is grrrrrreat! :D

19 May 2003, 04:58
KuraFire, need your help.
Could you make a hack (together with this one I really love), that would be a select box, from which I could select a predefined (in DB) place as the source for the images. So when the query inserts them in DB, there is only the name in the url column and a $variable (for to be relative) as the path - in another column. The paths and they're variables would be defined in another table. Do you get the point?

19 May 2003, 09:36
I so totally don't get what you mean to achieve.... sorry... o_o

20 May 2003, 17:13
Picture path is stored in a seperate cell from image name. For example: templates/logo.gif - the php seperates them and if the templates is a path, defined in variable $templates_path, it replaces it, so it becomes relative from every place in the site.