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28 Jan 2003, 18:21
This hack i did not make. I simply unlocked, because it is built into the vbulletin. Im not sure what versions it is in, but i know its in vb 2.2.9

if you find it in other versions please let me know and ill make it posted in the first post so people know for sure.

here are the features:

Global Template Edits
Global Replacement Edits
Ability to add setting groups to the vb options page from admin panel
Ability to add individual settings
Ability to edit and change all settings and setting groups
ability to back up your template sets, and template global set into a self installing file that you can upload and run to add them.
convert all <img src="" border=""> type tags into containg the image height and width

there are more things to unlock in the vbulletin, however, they are things like making the queries ran list with explanations of what they did, on every page, and things like that.

you just kinda find these things when you change every file in your vbulletin for a new type of site ^^

below are some screen shots


(PS sorry Vb developers, i had to let the cat outta the bag on your hidden features, that were obviously hidden to prevent people from jacking up their site by ruining a global variable and such. I hope you guys don't hate m
e now ^^)

Updates !

Update 1:
Install simplified thanks to N9ne

Update 2
Unsimpliefied install do to script kiddie awareness ^^

28 Jan 2003, 18:23
global template edits

28 Jan 2003, 18:23
thx for this one :D

28 Jan 2003, 18:23
global replacement edits

28 Jan 2003, 18:24
settings admin panel

28 Jan 2003, 18:25
extended template options

28 Jan 2003, 18:38
You can also just add:

$debug = 1;

To your config.php to achieve same results.

28 Jan 2003, 18:41
Very nice hack, thanks - even nicer tip from N9ne :) I will click install all the same!! :D

28 Jan 2003, 18:44
some pages unset debug though. also some of the debug features on the main pages may show as well. But i never thought to do that..

psht you and your easy way out.

also there is one other thing that you will have to edit for how i have it. in the template.php file the large replacement section still make, and the removal of the upload page still make, cause the upload page does not seem to work properly for me, so i took out the slashes on the template page(the large edit) and then removed the upload section. THe slashes make it so the file is stand alone, which in this case i know works, not to mention you can trade with friends who have not installed this hack.

ill update the file with the config edit and the other edits that should stay , so that it is much simpler to install.

28 Jan 2003, 19:21
Originally posted by N9ne
You can also just add:

$debug = 1;

To your config.php to achieve same results.

And achieve opening your vB to any script kiddie.

28 Jan 2003, 19:29
This is not a 'hack', yet just a 'tip' on how to enable debug.
Once debug is enabled, extra options appear that are already in vbulletin. They are not 'hidden' to prevent users to do stuff with it. Nor are they development settings.

28 Jan 2003, 19:40
Which is exactly what adding that line into config.php does, enable debug mode.

I don't do it lol, bad for your board's health (when a script kiddie is done beating it up) :D

28 Jan 2003, 19:41
He changed the install file, they sould have been left as they where. i fell sorry for anyone that installs this hack now. They are opening up their forums to major security risk. i can hack any board with debug on in 5 minutes.

28 Jan 2003, 19:42
could you explain this global template thing a little for me dude?

28 Jan 2003, 19:48
ok, ill change it back :P

also if you read, i do edit it and most people don't know how to get this. It is technicaly hidden since it ws not annouced.

it is a file edit

it is a hack...

the old file, should be script kiddie safe

GLOBAL Templates

these are the default templates., your return to orignal changes to your global template. By editing these you can make it so you make one update and it does it on every template. its especialy handy when making new templates for your site, and you want it on all 10 of oyur template sets, etc.

28 Jan 2003, 19:57
Originally posted by xiphoid
Nor are they development settings.

hmm then why are they there?

oh did the developers manualy make every edit to the templates in phpmyadmin?

Or did they run queires when making the tons of settings on the options page?

If you think about it, those were the developer's tools. It makes 100% perfect sence.

and to say they were not hidden, is like saying i placed a diamond in this room, but im not telling anyone.

*is done with the sarcasm, and apologizes for the outburst*

Dean C
28 Jan 2003, 20:57
Hehe this is very dangerous - if someone accidentally edits the global template set then they are screwed :P

I prefer to leave these options hidden to myself ;)

- miSt

28 Jan 2003, 21:14
i have cahgned every template for my board, and thus i love the global edit ^^

31 Jan 2003, 06:18
I use a lot of replacements, having my replacements controlled globally would be a big plus...I'm gonna install it for that (I only have 2 template sets, so no biggie on that)...This seems very useful, if it's secure ;) https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/

31 Jan 2003, 22:48
its as secure as anything in your admin panel..