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05 Feb 2003, 21:11
This is an addon for the "TomBot vB AI User Bot" hack which can be found here: http://www.vbulletin.org/hacks/index.php?s=&action=showhack&hackid=900
This hack *must* be installed first.

This addon hack allows the vBAI UserBot to remember infomation on individual members of your forum from previous discussions such as their name, where they live, and anything else the Userbot may have asked about/picked up on :D !

The install file also contains information on sorting the output of the vAI UserBot and other little bits of miscellanous information! :classic:

If you have any problems, let me know.


Change Log----------------------------------------------------------

a few code fixes
'CleanOutput' coding has been changed from 7 find & replaces to only 2. This has increased speed and means... less server load! Output looks near enough identical.

05 Feb 2003, 21:34
Good job. :)

05 Feb 2003, 21:53
error: Warning: settype: invalid type

05 Feb 2003, 22:05
Great work, Radgam. :) Seems to be working... but I've had to talk my bot off the public forums because he was just too dumb. :) And sucking up too much server load.

06 Feb 2003, 00:01
Great hack! *Whaps install*
(My users were rather irritated by the bot calling them all by just one name. :P)

06 Feb 2003, 00:11
I am getting the settype warning as well.


06 Feb 2003, 01:43
I don't get any warning here.

06 Feb 2003, 05:10
Didnt create any errors for me - I have installed this, and am trying to teach the robot my name ;)

06 Feb 2003, 06:42
Can you put the install info in a txt file so unlicensed forum members can't view it?

06 Feb 2003, 08:35
Good point :)
I'll change it in a minute

06 Feb 2003, 08:38
Originally posted by NuclioN
error: Warning: settype: invalid type
Not quite sure about the error but you could try replacing
settype($vbid, int); -- with
settype($vbid, "integer");

Let me know if it works :)

06 Feb 2003, 08:57
The error is gone now radgam :) How can we test it's capabillity to remember?

06 Feb 2003, 09:02
Well, i tested it by creating a few different members which i could login as. Then if you say "My name is radgam. What do you know about me?" the bot prints out what it knows about you.

Repeat with a few different test members (and using different names each time you say it... finally, go back in as the original and again ask "what do you know about me?". And your name should still be remembered even though you've fed the bot information on other members too ;)

I know, tad complex ;)

06 Feb 2003, 09:09
Briljant! It display's an infosheet and if you follow the patterns the bot will notice that and by the next "what do you know about me?" it shows that it knows. ;)

06 Feb 2003, 09:37
I wonder where i can translate this part of the answers. We are creating a Dutch faq bot from scratch and the bot does not respond on "who am i" or other recognizable info. Where to look for this?

06 Feb 2003, 09:39
Sounds nice.

06 Feb 2003, 09:44
/me runs off to install

06 Feb 2003, 09:47
A couple of other questions because we have little time to find out ourself, does the bot knows when you ask it about another member? "What do you know about ****?"
And i've searcht trough the aiml files but i can't find the command that triggers the total display of what it already knows.

06 Feb 2003, 10:52
I wonder where i can translate this part of the answers. We are creating a Dutch faq bot from scratch and the bot does not respond on "who am i" or other recognizable info. Where to look for this?

To do this you need to create your own set of AIML files and then load them into the database using the botloader.php script (preferably a modifed version of the script, so it doesn't clear what is already in the database!) Alternatively, you can install Martin64s teachbot hack which can be found here:

A couple of other questions because we have little time to find out ourself, does the bot knows when you ask it about another member? "What do you know about ****?"

Unfortunatly you can't ask it about other members. That would probably involve modifying much of the code and AIML files as all of the references are done by the userid not the username, and the current coding is only designed to handle information on one person at a time (where userid=$uid or something like that).


06 Feb 2003, 11:11
I hope if someone can let the bot remember other members info, that would be a major improvement. :)

The translation and teach stuff are already set in the db and botfiles, i actually want to know what command triggers this:

Name: .
Age: .
Birthday: .
Gender: .
Job: .
Sign: .
Location: .
Does: .
You are: .
You have: .
You want: .
You like: .
You said: .
Personality: .
Favorite color: .
Favorite movie: .
Password: .
Email: .
Phone: .
Cat: .
Dog: .
Wife: .
Husband: .
Friend: .
Boyfriend: .
Girlfriend: .
Brother: .
Sister: .
Father: .
Mother: .
Nickname: .
Full name: .
Last name: .
Middle name:

06 Feb 2003, 11:25
If you look in the AIML files (for ALICEBot) search for
<pattern>CLIENT PROPERTIES</pattern> in C.aiml and you should see the following:

<template>Name: <get name="name"/>.<br/>
Age: <get name="age"/>.<br/>
Birthday: <get name="birthday"/>.... etc

The 3 other phrases that print this list are:

Hope this helps

06 Feb 2003, 11:29
Tnx Radgam, now i can get to work :)

06 Feb 2003, 16:43
Glad it helped :) Just like to mention, i updated the install file to v1.1 after re-writing the "CleanOutput" coding and sorting a few bits of coding (which, unless you've had a problem, aren't worth bothering about).

I don't think it's worth sending an update for it, but if anyone has the additonal CleanOutput coding in their file, they should definatly read the update. The number of 'search & replaces' have been cut from 7 to 2 with near enough the same results. Much faster :)

06 Feb 2003, 19:55
Any time the bot is asked somebody's name, it appends "seeker" to the name. Does anybody know how to make it stop doing that?

06 Feb 2003, 19:59
it's the way the AIML files are written. you'll need to change the AIML files and reload them into the database to sort it.

Mickie D
06 Feb 2003, 22:46
so i should re-load the aiml files into the directory ?? for him to stop calling everyone there name with seeker on it ???

07 Feb 2003, 10:05
Well, you'll need to modify them first
In the ALICE AIML files:

In M.aiml find:
<pattern>MY NAME IS WHAT</pattern>
take out the work seeker in between the <template></template> tag :)

in W.aiml find:
<pattern>WHO AM I</pattern>

do the same as above.

Hope this helps.

07 Feb 2003, 10:40
What would be helpfull is a list of the dialog tags that are involved to let the bot remember. A list with the set tags and the get tags that are needed to make a custom aiml file with all the favcolor and gender etc. so you can learn the bot the details in new dialogconstructions. Also it would be a lot easier to translate these files. ;)

07 Feb 2003, 14:57
when reloading the bot, do I need to clear any tables or anything first? If so, which ones?

07 Feb 2003, 15:30
You can open the sql file to find out wich tables it needs to function and then remove them with phpmyadmin..after that load the sql again and you can begin from scratch.

07 Feb 2003, 15:56
the botloader script should automatically clear the databases before loading in the new AIML files

07 Feb 2003, 15:58
Thank you guys :)

Reloading now. My members have fallen in love with this silly thing. He has his own forum where he holds court.


07 Feb 2003, 16:02
Same with mine. it's the second biggest forum now :o

10 Feb 2003, 04:03
Really works clicks install. :banana:

11 Feb 2003, 05:13
Good Idea

/me installs

19 Mar 2003, 02:47
/me installs. :)


19 Mar 2003, 05:42
02-08-03 at 02:02 AM Radgam said this in Post #33 (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?postid=351475#post351475)
Same with mine. it's the second biggest forum now :o

Know exactly what you mean, unfort am getting slightly irritated by having to explain what AI and Expert Systems mean to the members. Aren't they teaching this stuff at college anymore :dunno:

Okie dokie going to install this one tonight, was one of the things l started looking at doing :banana:

Not that l like the AI bot or anything but we are actually changing one of our sites over to a total AI project :) Figure if we can get the team who actually have expierance with Expert Systems firing on this, we should rock hard.

* Had two years working on an AI for one of the departments downunder (prolog not php)....

19 Mar 2003, 08:30
I have started a 100% AI site/project http://Monkeychat.com/forums . I a working on a huge AIML set at the moment it is about 60 Megs, just needs some tweeking and also i need to find someone that knows a lot of the AIML markup and PHP as i have a few ideas ;)


01 Jun 2003, 22:50
Do you still need this for TomBot 1.2 ??

02 Jun 2003, 09:14
TomBot1.2 actually has this addon, well, added in so you don't need to install it :)

18 Jul 2003, 07:33
06-02-03 at 03:14 AM Radgam said this in Post #40 (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?postid=403326#post403326)
TomBot1.2 actually has this addon, well, added in so you don't need to install it :)

Somebody still needs to fix that seeker problem with 1.2 though... unless I installed the files from the ALICE site which is possible sence I visited there.

24 Jul 2003, 02:06
How do I get the bot to quit reffering to itself as Program E and set it to my own name I have named my bot?

19 Oct 2004, 22:57
Is this available for 3.0.1?