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Dean C
06 Feb 2003, 19:20
Minimum posts to see who's online

What does this hack do?

This allows you to have an option in your admin cp where you can define a minimum number of posts that a user must have to see online.php. If the user doesn't have enough posts they will get an error telling them they need so many posts (which you defined in the admin cp) to view the online.php.


- miSt

06 Feb 2003, 19:28
Man o man o man.

/me puts water on mist to cool him down.

06 Feb 2003, 21:34
Mist nice hack...

but the txt say "Minimum Posts to do a search" but it should be

"Minimum posts to see who's online" isnt it??:D:D:D

hehe....i think u post too many at once...so u confuse...:D:D:D

07 Feb 2003, 02:01
ok is there such a hack that allows
Minimum posts to download attachments?

Dean C
07 Feb 2003, 16:51
That could be done quite easily yes.

*fixed the top*

- miSt

07 Feb 2003, 16:57
Originally posted by Mist
That could be done quite easily yes.

*fixed the top*

- miSt
nice one
do u plan on doing it?
or has it already been done?

Dean C
09 Apr 2003, 12:39
*updated installation instructions*

- miSt

28 Nov 2003, 16:03
Hey Mist,

What was the minimum posts to use search function you posted?

I had it installed on another board and need to use it again :)


Dean C
28 Nov 2003, 16:24
Check my profile :) ^^

21 Mar 2004, 10:40
usefull :)

10 Oct 2004, 12:45
i bet no one goes to his site to try and advertise haha