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Dean C
06 Feb 2003, 19:24
Minimum posts to do a search

What does this hack do?

This allows you to have an option in your admin cp where you can define a minimum number of posts that a user must have to do a search. If the user doesn't have enough posts they will get an error telling them they need so many posts (which you defined in the admin cp) to do a search.


- miSt

06 Feb 2003, 19:26
Mist is on fire. :)

Silenced Soul
06 Feb 2003, 19:33
I woulda just made this one big hack ;P. "Minimum Posts to use vB Features" or something

Either way, I'll use a few of these.

06 Feb 2003, 19:34
Yes i agree.

Dean C
06 Feb 2003, 19:42
Yea i decided to do it seperately because it makes it easier to find when searching for hacks. Also to be one complete hack it would have included restriction on poll.php - which xiphoid released earlier

- miSt

06 Feb 2003, 19:43
Yes. Another think i have to agree one.

06 Feb 2003, 20:19
They are all SO LITTLE you could just release them as a pack. Simple as that.

06 Feb 2003, 20:47
I suggest place them all on one topic else it will be like 10 topics to post :P or something like that

07 Feb 2003, 01:08
Yes, Mist is just trying to have multiple hacks, he could've released them as Need Minium Posts Hack -_-

07 Feb 2003, 01:44
Redundant indeed. Each individual hack is going to get a lot less "installs" by members, rather than if you had just made it one large hack.

One the bright side, your user profile looks more sparkly with these 5 new additions. ;)

07 Feb 2003, 08:44
Please stop spamming. You are posting the same thing over and over Mist...

07 Feb 2003, 11:51
it would be better just to merge all these hacks into 1 big hack, imho.

07 Feb 2003, 13:39
Umm some of the other Minimum Posts for XXXXX were ok, this one really restricts one of the more important features to a board in my opinion

Dean C
09 Apr 2003, 12:38
*updated installation instructions*

- miSt