View Full Version : Question before Buying.. Please help!

18 Mar 2003, 05:16
Hi all,

I'm planning to buy this great application but have one issue... before purchasing it...

I'll implement this in auinversity, where I have my own user database... this database is stored somewhere and is updated frequently... I want these users to access the forum with their exisiting ids and passwords ..

In other words, I want all students using their ID and password, without the need to register in the forum.. the registration facility will be disabled...

Is there a way to integrate the forum with my database....

Looking to hear from you...


18 Mar 2003, 05:33
What is the current database based on? If it's a MySQL database, then it should not be too hard to migrate the information as it is. If it's something else, it may be harder.

18 Mar 2003, 05:50
The database is in MS SQL, and all users are using this authentication to access to all services.

18 Mar 2003, 07:49
It really should not be too hard at all to migrate the information. The only thing that may be an issue would be the passwords - vB uses MD5 encryption. I'm fairly sure someone would be able to make up a simple script that would run the correct queries and make the necessary table changes. :)