View Full Version : SyteSociety Skin

25 Mar 2003, 02:23
SyteSociety (http://sytedesigns.com/forumsd/index.php) check it out still got to do a button set for it. But let me know


25 Mar 2003, 04:36
Looks nice, easy on the eyes, not too heavy on the graphics. My only negative comment is that I find that welcome panel, forum info box, or whatever you want to call it very distracting and quite large. Other than that, nice work.

Tony G
25 Mar 2003, 11:50
The color scheme is better since the last time I saw it, nice header too.

Dean C
25 Mar 2003, 18:11
Really nice style. However

- i don't like the blue bg... add some texture to it ;)
- i don't like the huge pixel fonts you use in the header

Other than that is slick :)


- miSt

25 Mar 2003, 20:32
I think it looks pretty good as is. Nice and clean :D