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12 Jun 2003, 04:49
Well a frind wanted this so i made it for him,
but i showed another friend of mine and he said it was cool and that i should post it here....so i did...

this hack/addon gets the attachments and puts them on filedb.php and makes it look like a download page...
but i need beta testing for it so i thought i would post it here for you people to test it.....
iv testing it on vb 2.3.0 so i dont know if it will work on any others...

but here it is....

12 Jun 2003, 04:50
For those who dont use/have winzip here is a winrar one

12 Jun 2003, 04:52
and finaly the screen shot of it...

Oblivion Knight
12 Jun 2003, 09:42
Something similar to this has already been released

Though this version has certain problems with the mass increase of server load on some servers.

Hopefully you don't have the same problem with your hack.. :)
Keep up the good work.

Dean C
12 Jun 2003, 09:53
This wouldn't be a problem if you added pagination to it :)

- miSt

13 Jun 2003, 02:07
Whats pagination?

13 Jun 2003, 02:44
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, etc. ;)

13 Jun 2003, 03:05
oh...ok.....version 2 ill try to put that in..

13 Jun 2003, 07:28
Sounds great. Got to download this one.
/me clicks install

13 Jun 2003, 08:58
Also if you could catagorize it..

14 Jun 2003, 18:53
Nothing at all shows up for me,
maybe you've forgot adding all the files?!

16 Jun 2003, 01:53
what do u mean?

25 Oct 2003, 10:44
I mean a blank screen I've got.
You could add attachment scan to your other hack, would not be bad at all to unite them.