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21 Aug 2003, 04:16
Simple hacks.....

It just means that admins CANNOT see invisible users.

In Online.php Search for

if ($bbuserinfo[usergroupid] == 6) {
$userinfo[invisible] = 0;

... REMOVE IT. :bunny:

21 Aug 2003, 04:27
I dont understand why admins wouldnt want to see invisible users :rolleyes:

21 Aug 2003, 04:28
Me neither mate but it was requested.

21 Aug 2003, 04:30
well I made a silly request too for having the colored name addon for the store :rolleyes:

21 Aug 2003, 04:46
Thanks a lot, glad to see that someone heard my request.

However, what if I wanted to apply this to only ONE invisible user, and not all of them? I know it sounds odd, but let's say I have an admin that I don't want anyone to see online at all, even the other admins - is there a way to hide them up?

21 Aug 2003, 05:01
Errr yes, tomorow

21 Aug 2003, 07:21
Well, thank you for any effort you can put forward. :D