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19 Dec 2000, 09:00
Is there a hack for the quote bug?

Blabla wrote:
He wrote:
She wrote:


this sucks

See what i mean?

So is there a hack that mabey can limit to 2 quotes deep or something?

I've deeply search throughout this forum, but i couldn't find what i need.

Thnx in advance.

19 Dec 2000, 14:03
its not a bug, its how the html tag 'blockquote' operates. since the quotes are, in fact, just blockquoted text with horizontal rules, they have to follow the same 'guidelines' that blockquote does.

its available to you can nest quotes inside quotes. for instance, if you wanted to say:

i like peas. someone once said peas are good and i would tend to agree

etc. forgive the stupid example, but im not really feeling creative ;)

20 Dec 2000, 20:54
jeah i know, but is there a way, that vbulletin first looks if there's already a quote in $message, and if so, then changes it to for examle [...quote...] instead of the whole quote?
Cuz i've got a board where people do often quote each other.. and after a while someone has about 20 nested quotes in his message.. it's unneccasery(did i spelled that right?) and very bad readable..

20 Dec 2000, 22:48
well im more of a perl coder then php, but i'd run a while loop, while its going through the message, for each [-quote] set $number-of-quotes-in-message (or whatever) +1 - then before continuing, if $numberofquotes == $X, replace [-quote] with whatever. now im not sure how you'd do that in php, sorry, but that would be how i'd attempt it.

edited because im an idiot ;) ([-quote] w/ no -)

26 Dec 2000, 23:27

28 Dec 2000, 00:53
There's a hack called backspace :D just delete the extra quotes ;)

28 Dec 2000, 15:52
Originally posted by conan
There's a hack called backspace :D just delete the extra quotes ;)
WuW i'm lauching my ass off.. no serious, i can't expect all my users to delete the quotes every time they quote something...