View Full Version : Giving Mods access to Templates and styles w/ restrictions

12 Oct 2003, 02:49
I am looking for someone with expertise to be able to create a hack in which i can assign certain MODS or Usergroups access to edit certain styles and tmplate sets via a drop-down list or check list. The ability to change the PHP include templates would need to be removed. I am thinking this could be a fairly easy hack in editing existing files and renaming them for the MODCP. But, im not a very good coder so i really don't know.

But, assigning them certain forums is a must as i dont want certain mods messing with forums they have no business in. Or perhaps just giving them this access to forums that they are assigned MOD duties. But php include access must be removed. :)

Is anyone out there able to get this one done for 2.2.9?

12 Oct 2003, 02:54
Or perhaps something that is in a way like XENON's mods can edit users hack.. assigning the template numbers and style ID's to certain usergroups so only certain usergroups are allowed to edit those styles. But, i dont know how to get rid of the php loopholes.