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22 Oct 2003, 00:21

Enjoy. All are free to use them. Right click the ones you wish to have and select "Save Picture As ..."

Created in Fireworks 4.1

Dean C
22 Oct 2003, 16:46
They're not bad :) I'd reccomend working on a transparent background though as this will only then work for people with black backgrounds :)

23 Oct 2003, 01:14
wow not bad Mist =) I like'em but im doin a glossy theme so... can't really use lol

Tony G
25 Oct 2003, 09:34
Nice buttons! But as Mist said, put them on a transparent background. :)

25 Oct 2003, 17:27
Thanks for the comments!

As for putting them on transparent bg's, I've tried and failed. I give them a transparent baclground and save it in GIF format, but the background always becomes solid white. Help!

I'm using Fireworks 4.

08 Nov 2003, 08:52
Not bad..... :)

Dean C
08 Nov 2003, 12:41
Fireworks is evil - you're best getting photoshop cs - it's far more powerful :)

08 Nov 2003, 15:01
I have Photoshop 6.0 but for web work I've always found Fireworks to be the easiest to do what you want. Much easier to create buttons in fireworks than in photoshop, even though both of them aren't very hard.

Dean C
08 Nov 2003, 19:14
I have to disagree there. Photoshops facility to work layer by layer is so much more user-friendly. Copying layer styles and such. Also it's so easy to create buttons with transparent backgrounds. On top of that I do folders in one psd and have the fire for hot or whatever and the dot for the relevant folder icons so I just make a layer visible and voila there is a new button :)

24 Nov 2003, 11:14
I'm using Paint Shop Pro (7) and I think it's really easy to use. The fx-plugins are photoshop compatible, It can do layers. It's much cheaper than Photoshop too.

24 Nov 2003, 12:56
On a lot of forums you can see gradient colours being used in the strips and categories. Now I know how to make a gradient, but how do i get them into the table, with buttons on top of them where needed? (xcuse my english)

26 Nov 2003, 11:20
Sorry, guys - found the FAQ...

26 Nov 2003, 21:59
I dont suppose you can make a home button aswell?? Thats all that im missing is a home button :)

13 Dec 2003, 07:28
I dont suppose you can make a home button aswell?? Thats all that im missing is a home button :)

Same here. =)

20 Dec 2003, 11:16
Thank you, they look very nice!