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26 Oct 2003, 01:01
Hee hee... I went on google to find a Php editor, and, uninfluenced by the norm, I stumbled upon this little jewel:

HAPedit (http://hapedit.free.fr/)

What makes it a "little jewel?"

Color-coded syntax higlighting. (Variables are green, quoted stuff is light blue, etc.)
Automatically displays line numbers right next to the line, but not part of the code -- makes it easy to find and correct erros
Shows the line number while dragging the scrollbar, too, for *long* scripts
When you define a function in the script, and type the name of that function (to call it) it will display a little box underneath listing the paramaters YOU defined for the function, usefull to keep you from having to scroll around to figure out what parameters to set in your functions.
Also does that for built-in php functions, like mysql_connect, and if()
When you begin to type a variable, it brings up a list of varables used in the script, in addition to default php variables, if the variable is over (5, I think) characters long.
Re-opens the files that were open when you last closed the program when you re-open the program.
If you run the... little line that follows where you type, (not sure what it's called) over a parenthesis or bracket, it'll highlight the matching one. Also does that when you type a closing one. ")" or "}".
Edits PHP, ASP, HTML, and text.
Is free.

So, anyway, I just love that little program and wanted to tell the world about it.

NOTE: Just discovered the functions thing today -- wonder what I'll learn tomorrow.

26 Oct 2003, 01:47
Looks nice and I may play around with this editor sometimes. But of course I am still in love with Ultraedit.

26 Oct 2003, 01:57
Can't say I was overly impressed, having to press OK about 20 times after opening a file, and then another 5-6 times saying that I don't want to save changes put me right off.

I'll be sticking to trusty TextPad.

26 Oct 2003, 01:02
Any half-decent IDE will do everything you listed, but I suppose I'm spoiled from having worked with Java.

26 Oct 2003, 01:26
*grumps in his little corner, scared by the bad people*

Gavin B.
26 Oct 2003, 11:08
www.crimsoneditor.com is what I've been using for ages. Great for any type of file! :)

26 Oct 2003, 11:13
I'll be sticking to trusty TextPad.

26 Oct 2003, 11:14
does no one like dreamweaver/cuteftp pro then?

26 Oct 2003, 12:19
I'd have to say Ultra Edit is the best for me :)

Dean C
26 Oct 2003, 12:52
I'd have to say Ultra Edit is the best for me :)
Here here ;)

26 Oct 2003, 15:17
does no one like dreamweaver/cuteftp pro then?
Aha! Yes! CuteFTP PRO IS THE PROGRAM. It comes with CuteHTML bundled in, you can edit multiple files and just hit ctrl+s and it's saved remotely. It's SO FAST, SO EASY, it's well worth it.

26 Oct 2003, 15:33
Screw CuteFTP - FlashFXP is the FTP program you want;)