View Full Version : Built new Pc Help!!

09 Nov 2003, 01:42
ok bought a new pc today and have put it together like im meant to almost in a ritualisric way for the 2nd time now.

it seems thought that when i switch on the power and start up, it is giving a signal to tell the monitor that nothing is happening.. and indeed forces the monitor into standby...

i then changed gfx card.. no joy

i then changed monitor .. no joy

could the cpu no be reponding? is there a fault with the agp? everything elses fans etc are starting ok no burning etc... just dont like monitors.


( soz ive posted this at vb.com too as im in real need here)

09 Nov 2003, 02:33
You would have better support posting it at http://www.opentechsupport.com
This happend to me, when my motherboard shortcircuited (touched the case) and when the FAN was not put in properly, or locked in properly.

09 Nov 2003, 13:30
i've got the same problem where my pc was working before it now refuses to and have just locked up :fume:

09 Nov 2003, 15:31
You probably have a overheating problem, or you have a burnt component. I am not an expert, but I have experienced almost everything to do with not having my computer start up.

09 Nov 2003, 17:23
i think it's due to overheating as i found alot of dust in there when i opened it up :(

but then i've also been told it could be ram, my processor, motherboard, psu :(

09 Nov 2003, 17:25
lol sabre, think how i feel i got it all brand new :(

09 Nov 2003, 17:34
Make sure your power supply is set to 110v

09 Nov 2003, 18:01
mine was set to 250volts :confused:

and Dave, you're alright, you've never experienced the sheer power of your new pc, i don't even wanna test my components in another pc as it will just be slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww