View Full Version : vB3-Like Limited Logins in Set time.

31 Dec 2003, 21:18
Limited Logins in Set time
Description: Allows you to set a limit to how many times a user can attempt to login within a time limit that you set, great for avoiding brute force attacks via your forum, and works almost the same way the one in vB3 does.
Requirements: Same ones that vB2 has..
Demo: Comming soon, likely 1-1-04.

31 Dec 2003, 23:00
How many hacks you gonna release ;) nice one and well done

01 Jan 2004, 05:17
Lol, thanks and well i dont know how many im going to release im in a programming mood and im taking advantage of it right now.

Dean C
01 Jan 2004, 17:17
Nice idea - thanks for releasing :)