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Contest Master
15 Mar 2004, 07:00
Which Modification should win this contest this month?

It's you, who decides!!!

15 Mar 2004, 10:31
didn't even know about Boofo's one, but that's a nice hack :)

i'll have to take some times out to look into em further.

15 Mar 2004, 11:51
didn't even know about Boofo's one, but that's a nice hack :)

i'll have to take some times out to look into em further.
somehow i dont think this is offcial ;)

15 Mar 2004, 12:56
Yes it is official.

There seems to be a bug in the build_new_post function, i'll have to investigate this further and write a work around somehow..

15 Mar 2004, 14:37
wow.. lol :D Xenon get on IRC, i dont have miranda installed atm :P

15 Mar 2004, 14:41
Xenon's testaccount
what for may I ask ?
I choose: Vb3 Pets ^ ^

15 Mar 2004, 15:13
The test account has different usergroup to check out the license functions and so on :)

16 Mar 2004, 02:54
It's a reall toss-up between Boofo's Searches hack (for sheer coding sturdiness) and the PetzVB v1 hack (for sheer member joyfulness and fight fight fight@! fun) but I had to (sorry Boofo) go for the PetzVB hack ... if I could put a second choiuce I would ... really I would ;)

16 Mar 2004, 03:46
PetVB all the way!!! Nothing brings more excitement on the forum then this!!

16 Mar 2004, 18:40
Ahh, that seems to become a closer descision this time :)

16 Mar 2004, 23:23
Shame to see that Magnus' QuoteIt! hack isn`t in the running that`s been my favourite recent hack.. tried the petz hack but my members complained at the lack of choice and "cartoony" style.. oh well.. Boofo's excellent Stats hack for me then..

Gary King
17 Mar 2004, 01:19
Someone fix the & in the poll options :p

17 Mar 2004, 01:42

17 Mar 2004, 16:41
in the end i chose boofo's forum home hack

01 Apr 2004, 21:47
in the end i chose boofo's forum home hack
seems Boofo makes the race this time :)

02 Apr 2004, 07:44
Is that really so hard to believe? It is for me. ;)

02 Apr 2004, 07:56
I voted vB3 Forumhome Stats Cache Serialize hack v2.1 :) alot of work must have been put into that, very very nice hack. Great job boofo

02 Apr 2004, 08:00
Thank you, sir. ;)

There is more planned for it as soon as I get the percentage problem on large boards taken care of. So, stay tuned and don't turn that dial! :)

02 Apr 2004, 14:29
No offense to others but i really do hope Petz Vb1 Wins :D

02 Apr 2004, 14:36
Oh, man, that hurt! :(

02 Apr 2004, 21:10
Oh, man, that hurt! :(
I don't use any of the hacks up there, but Boofo rocks, so I voted his hack anyway. I'll probably use it soon anyways, but I'm waiting until I get off my ass and upgrade to vB3 Gold so I don't have even more to rehack. 31 files is enough, ktnxbai. :p

02 Apr 2004, 21:19
Thank you, sir. ;)

And I think you're great, too. ;)

15 Apr 2004, 14:31
Congratulations Bob :)

15 Apr 2004, 15:04
Thank you, sir, but it would have been nice to have a better showing on people voting. But a win is a win so I'll accept this award and carry it proudly. ;)

15 Apr 2004, 17:04
I have some plans on making the HotM more popular, just give me more time :)