View Full Version : Execute sql query problem

20 Apr 2004, 02:08
I have yet to manually run a sql query and I just attempted to. lol
Alas,there was a slight problem. I am certain this is a simple fix or answer.

Here is what I did:

logged into admincp
selected import and maintenance
selected Execute sql query
This is what I received:

"You are not authorized to execute SQL queries"

I know this is a stupid question,but how do I enable myself to run sql queries through VB? lol I bow my head in shame for not knowing this one. :disappointed:

20 Apr 2004, 02:11
You need to add your userid to the config.php file for this. ;)

20 Apr 2004, 22:35
I did. I am the user id "1". Perhaps with all the hacking I have done to my forums,I may have removed it. I will take a look. However,I still have the ability to administer admins. I believe this was also a function of the "1". I will relook! Thanks for posting.

*edit* I added "1" to everything EXCEPT that! I feel like an ass. Thanks for making me look twice! *Shakes head in embarassment*