View Full Version : help merging poll and kill file hacks

06 Jan 2001, 06:26
in showthread.php i have this

////////// poll hack start
$rat_pollcode = "ignoreallpolls";
if (($post[pollid] <> 0) && (!isset($ignore[$rat_pollcode]))) { //post has a poll
$pollmodule = 'pollshow';
include ('pollmodule.php');
//end of "post has poll"
else $pollbit = ''; //no poll, nothing returned

//lets get the signature after the poll

/////end poll hack

and it returns just a thread w/ no poll, which is all fine and good, but i'd like to just not show the thread at all. anything i do in forumdisplay.php doesnt seem to work. any help would be appreciated :)