View Full Version : REQUEST: Hiding Categories On Forum Home

10 Jun 2004, 03:40
Problem: On some forums that might feature content the end user does not want their spouse or kids to see, they would like to hide that category from displaying on the forum home, e.g., adult threads where pictures, etc. are shown.

This function to enable/disable a category is available from the admin console, but it disables it for the entire board. Some users are single and don't have a wife/husband that will slap snot from them for viewing that content. :D

I know some of you vb gods could whip this out in no time and I am sure it would be something everyone would like.

If there is something already like this here, I have yet to find it. If so, please point me in the right direction. If I am not clear on what I am requesting, please post and I will try to clarify.

Also, if I have posted this in the wrong place, Mod's, please move appropriately and accept my apology.



10 Jun 2004, 04:37
you did

10 Jun 2004, 05:07
lol, for real... its pretty obvious... he did it on purpose :tired:

10 Jun 2004, 06:48
It'll get moved no doubt..

/me make sure not to click install!

10 Jun 2004, 06:53
Ok, what is all the fuss about and what did I do wrong or on purpose? It is a legitimate request for a feature hack. It would be for the End User to hide categories on the main page. Hell, if I did something that majorly wrong, please delete it. I will make sure not to request anything else here.


10 Jun 2004, 07:00
ooops, sorry for the bump..I see what I did wrong now..:( Please move and accept my apology.