View Full Version : Can you help me with any of these?

24 Jul 2004, 20:16
I wanting to be able to post news in a certain forum and then print it on my front page. Does anyone have any code I can use to do this?

Also does anyone have any code I could put on my page that would pull headlines from certain forums and then make it so that when they click on the headlines it will link them to that forum topic?

I used this with my phpbb powered site and now that I've changed to vbulletin I need something like this to work for vbulletin.

ANY help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!

24 Jul 2004, 23:37
There are some portal solutions available here at vB.org they are packaged and ready to deploy and do EXACTLY what you wanted in your post, you can either opt for those (which are freely available here) or custom code one from scratch (I can send you bits of code to use). Best idea is to go with software such as vBIndex for vB3, vBAdvanced.