View Full Version : Karma question

19 Jan 2001, 17:48
I decided to post this here since it really isn't part of Vb --

What exactly is a karma hack and what is it's benefit?

19 Jan 2001, 23:50
wluke already made this hack for his own board and promised to released it for everybody after v2 will be released. :)
Anyway you can find an explanation of what the Karma Warn/Praise hack is going here (http://www.ubbdev.com/db/Forum8/HTML/000008.html). Note: Do not care if that version was made for UBB (bleah!) 'cause the features are nearly the same.

20 Jan 2001, 17:20
Karma is a way of rating users through their posts. This allows a more accurate rating and eventually will inspire trust for your most prolific and knowledgable users from newcomers. In a community based around knowledge or finance this would be a very good thing. For those communities that are purely community oriented karma is not as needed.

In my system, I allow comments on the Karma and these comments will help members improve over time. I felt comments were necessary because often times you would add something that doesn't really warrant a one-line post or doesn't add anything to the conversation.

Karma provides a way for members to police themselves and keeps moderaters from having to use heavy handed tactics to keep things within the guidelines.