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Rick Sample
30 Sep 2004, 01:28
I know all car site has to have this one!

I think it would be cool for someone to develop this. Kind of like a poll system, but a little different.

Via the admin CP we will be able to add different classes for cars (Example: 1970-79, 1980-89, 1999+, etc) Then sub categoies like (Stock Class, Modified Class, Pro Street, etc)

Users will then be able to select a year, then selcect the class (modified, stock, etc) then it will list the cars. (note, cars selectable by admins via the admin cp) so members can vote once in each categorie. Then have a timeframe for how long the show will be and when its over list al lthe winners in a seperate window. and also have it so that users will be able to select previouse years winners and so on.

Anyone want to give me a second????

30 Sep 2004, 05:18
did u try vb garage?

Rick Sample
30 Sep 2004, 20:31
Yeah, thats a members gallary hack, not a car show :)

In the garage, members just keep adding cars and adding cars. No place to vote, or nothing, its simply picture viewing. Alot of people put their cars in that, leave the site, and never return. If someone won at a car show, it would be nice of them to still post and be a member.

I was talking about a hack that can allow users to upload their cars into categories according to year and if they were modified or stock. Then each user can vote once in each category.

1980-1989 Stock
1980-1989 Modified
1990-present stock
1990- present modified and so on. Like a real car show.

30 Sep 2004, 20:37
Hmm... you might be able to do that with a "rate me" type of program like irater. Not sure if there is one integrated with vB though.

01 Oct 2004, 14:45

I used this Gallery.
U can configure it in the AdminCP and Users can upload there Pics and information.

Any Demo on www.calibra.de

and on my Webseite on

If u have any questions, ask Hoffi from vbulletin-Germany, or Calibra.de