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07 Nov 2004, 05:21
vB Staff Titles

Author: Ken 'LiveWire' Iovino
Site: www.initialz.com (http://www.initialz.com/)
Version: 1.0


None at this moment

What this does
This will give you the option to add an addtional title for staff members, or any user you would like to add. This can be done with conditions only, like if userid = X show this. But this will make things much eaiser to edit and manage.

To do list...

Time to install: 3 minutes
Queries to run: 1
File Mods: 1


Templates to edit: 1

postbit or postbit_legacy

Templates to add: 0
New Phrases: 1

Please read carefully and make all the necessary changes as stated. This is will work if installed properly.

Click It
https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/ (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=71447)

Help & Support
Before asking for support Please make sure you have done all necessary changes! If you still need support please post a reply here.

Please post bugs and errors here. Hope you like, feedback welcomed.

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07 Nov 2004, 06:58
Have you got a screenshot of the postbit?

07 Nov 2004, 07:52
Have you got a screenshot of the postbit?
Yep... postbit screeny wouldn't go astray! :)

07 Nov 2004, 08:05
Really nice idea, thanks

07 Nov 2004, 15:41
Its just an extra title for user that you set it for, for those with no imaganation. Updated first post with screeny. :p

07 Nov 2004, 15:44

/me clicks install :)

07 Nov 2004, 15:56
wouldn't it be easier to just create a custom profilefield editable by Admins and noone else?

That would eliminate the need of changing the db structure and the manipulating of any files :)

just a hint, the idea still is good :)

07 Nov 2004, 16:10
Ya, this could also be done with conditions only, but this way gives a more orginaized type feel.

07 Nov 2004, 21:08
I have a lil problem. Any Ideals?
An error occurred while attempting to execute your query. The following information was returned.
error number: 1146
error desc: Table 'djjeffa_djjeffaVB.user' doesn't exist

07 Nov 2004, 21:31
Great hack!

08 Nov 2004, 01:37
Great hack!
I feel this is reinventing the wheel.
vBulletin comes with 'user ranks' which can be both an image or text.
That is what I use and works great. I am sorry, but I feel no use for this resource.

08 Nov 2004, 11:17
The problem with only ranks though is that some staff members like their custom titles as well. This fits both that need and the need to identify staff.

For example on my site I have several staff divisions and this will help alot.

Thanks again,


the Sandman
08 Nov 2004, 11:19
I'm assuming the extra title will be between the regular title and rank image (if any) - is that correct?

08 Nov 2004, 17:44
Its not reinventing the wheel, its adding a spear tire to the car. Mods can still have a custom title for there selfs, and a title that shows there still staff.

Would if i was a new user on vb.org, and i saw Xenon posting, but lets say his user title wasn't admin, and vb.org didn't want to use the color usernames. how would i know he is a staff member just by his post? With this hack, you can add a little extra title for this.

Like i said, its a small mod, and not for everyone.

08 Nov 2004, 18:52
Useful,small & simple .. just the way I like 'em :)
Clicked install

15 Nov 2004, 01:48
Is there a way to use images instead of just text?

29 Nov 2004, 04:31
Thanks. *installed*

Just to clarify for some since I was asked by a friend how to do the postbit edit, open your styles and edit postbit (or postbit_legacy) and find your line that has:


And either above or below that add:


To make it uniform, use the same codes that surround the usertitle tag. i.e. mine is:

<if condition="$post['staffrank']"><div class="smallfont">$post[staffrank]</div></if>

20 Dec 2004, 00:29
Thanks for this. Just what I needed to identify what forums my staff members were modding. Works fine and only takes a minute to install.

20 Dec 2004, 00:48
Is there a way to use images instead of just text?
Livewire, pretty please!

20 Dec 2004, 00:53
Cool, will install, Nice one Lime!

20 Dec 2004, 12:51
I like it *installs*

Is there a way to get the install instructions for edits to the other files
where you could display the staff titles? Such as the member / members list. I have done
this myself with the members page - trying to figure out the memberslist page.


Megareus Rex
22 Dec 2004, 12:17
Cool hack, and much needed on my board :)

Although the Rank system COULD be used for this, we also use images to denote rank via # of posts, so staff was left without the post rank indicator. Plus, we use a lor of usergroups that can be set as primary display group, which makes it impossible to use them for staff indication purposes.

26 Jan 2005, 18:42

Can this only be changed from the admincp, or can the mods change their own?

25 Aug 2005, 14:43
message from my admin guy...
I am having a hard time understanding this

Run this query
staffrank varchar(100) not null default ''

I dont know what to put in the run query box... This can seriously f$%& up our board... and it is irreversable..

So Im hessitant..

25 Aug 2005, 17:47
Admincp -> Import & Maintenance -> Execute SQL Query

Then you past:

staffrank varchar(100) not null default ''

In that box. Just so you know, this is irreversable. ;)

25 Aug 2005, 18:30
can you please update the 3.0.X version to inclide HTML markup like the 3.5 version?

25 Aug 2005, 20:17
Thanks Man!

26 Aug 2005, 23:40
Great hack!

/me clicks install!

26 Aug 2005, 23:57
this is not my day... I installed this hack and now I am unable to change the staff title. When I go the the ACP and change the user title, and click submit the title does not change, so now the only way to edit it is via phpMyadmin... any ideas?

27 Aug 2005, 01:17
this is not my day... I installed this hack and now I am unable to change the staff title. When I go the the ACP and change the user title, and click submit the title does not change, so now the only way to edit it is via phpMyadmin... any ideas?

Hmmm, thats odd. I don't have vB 3.0.x installed on my computer anymore, but I don't remember having this problem. Anyone else having this problem?

28 Aug 2005, 19:22
Live Wire.. I installed the mod.. But I want to know where to add the "$post[staffrank]" to make it like in the screen shot you posted?

28 Aug 2005, 21:52
Just add $post[staffrank] in your postbit or postbit_legacy template, which ever one your using.

29 Aug 2005, 00:19
Where in the postbit do you add it?