View Full Version : Does it exist a "where is the user" hack?

26 Jan 2001, 12:07
I've seen on a vB board that near the user nickname on the "Currently Active Users" section there's a "@" that shows the link of the page where the user is at the moment.
How can I enable this?

26 Jan 2001, 13:55
search for spy.php and modify that script to suit.

26 Jan 2001, 14:02
Thanks for your suggestion but I searched for both "spy.php" and "spy" with no succesfull results. :(

26 Jan 2001, 14:17

26 Jan 2001, 14:22
Euh... sorry it was my fault. I limited the search only to the Code Hacks section. :D
Thanks for the info!

26 Jan 2001, 14:37
no probs. it only came up with spy as opposed to spy.php

26 Jan 2001, 15:12
Er... it was not what I was looking for.
What I found on that (private) board was a Current Active like the following considering I'm the user and that I'm currently visiting this thread:

Cr4z33 (http://vbulletin.com/forum/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=1586) @ (http://vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=7249)

You see? The first URL takes you to my profile while the second one brings you to the thread I'm currently visiting. And this service is available for whatever usergroup.

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26 Jan 2001, 16:59
i never said it did what you want but it has everything you need to adapt it to. it has all the sql calls to find out where people are at that moment (it is in the sessions table) so you would have to engineer it a bit to do that. Basically, no one has released a hack to do what you want but with a bit of tweaking of what is already there you could do it.

26 Jan 2001, 18:25
i do like the idea anyway so will probably try and create it for v2.0 when that comes out.

26 Jan 2001, 18:38
OK thanks anyway.

30 Jan 2001, 22:34
-> Cr4z33

check out

I believe this is what you were looking for.

good luck!

-DF- ;)

31 Jan 2001, 08:48
Thanks man, that was EXACTLY what I was looking for! :)