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10 Jan 2005, 04:13
Forgive me if these questions have been answered elsewhere... I've done several searches and looked through the RPG manual and haven't found the information I'm looking for.

I'm rather new to rpgs, so a few terms I'm not familiar with.

I understand HP is hitpoints and Exp is experience, but what does the MA and PP stand for? In the same area there is a yellow bar that says Limit, could someone explain what that is?

I've also run into a couple questions in how to set things up properly.

The item shop comes with weapons, armor, and potions already installed. Do I need to set their buffs or are they already set up to work in battle? Right now I see zeroes... would I set those as 1, 2, 3 etc and how do you set the potions to have the proper effect... like curing petrification or vaccine? I'm not seeing how to set their effects.

My last question (I hope anyway) is about item limit. Is it impossible for a player to own more than one weapon or piece of armor? I've attempted to buy more than one and it appears to overwrite the first one I purchased. Knowing my members, they will want to buy more than one or two items.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and I thank you for your time :)

10 Jan 2005, 04:19
you cannot own more than one type of item in each category.
ma is mana, or how many times you can cast spells
pp has no use in this rpg version.
you need to set buff for items =).

10 Jan 2005, 04:22
Okay, thanks for the quick response. :up: Quite helpful

10 Jan 2005, 08:02
are they already set up to work in battle?You do also need to fix their battle Types, by editing the Categories and setting their Battle Types :)

10 Jan 2005, 09:30
Thanks Revan :) Mighty fine hack you've got here!

08 Feb 2005, 02:41
I have a question and I dot want to make another tread. Canu assign images/sprites to each weapon made.

08 Feb 2005, 06:01
You can assign weapons to specific icons, yes. Do this by entering ACP -> Edit Items then change the text in Icon.
Then, make sure the images folder contain an image called "[text you inputted in Icon].gif"