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28 Jan 2005, 16:41
Hi All,

After reading the First post on every page thread, and wanting to also have attachments showing, I wrote a small but effective alternative solution. Since it's not based on any other work and is seperate from the existing one by anhtuancool I've decided to release it seperately.

- Set, on a per-forum basis, to show the first post on every page.
- Can be used with legacy or normal postbits
- Shows attachments and all other details
- Looks just like a normal post

Known issues:
- The post count is off on page 2 or beyond, but it still displays all the posts correctly

To install:
- See attachment

- The hack as presented currently looks exactly like a normal post, so can be hard to differentiate otherwise. You can use conditionals to do specific templates based on different looks. See step 5 in the attachment for an example.
- Totally new code, not based on anything else :)

Comments/Questions - post here.


28 Jan 2005, 16:49
sounds cool- can you add a link to the thread that this hack refers to?

28 Jan 2005, 16:52
The original "First Post on Every Page" hack is http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=71224

28 Jan 2005, 16:58
cool- thanks. I did a search and found it but it is always nice to have the info all in one tidy package :)

30 Aug 2005, 21:54
Ok I did all of the php edits but I need some help with the postbit. I m using 3.0.8. I dont know where to put the following in the postbit template?

<if condition="$post['postcount'] == 1 AND $forum['showfirstpost'] == 1" >
// Modified first post goes here
<else />
// Normal postbit goes here

I am also getting an error on the conditional statement when I try to save the template with the above code

Please Help...