View Full Version : Converting a 2x hack to 3x

16 Feb 2005, 02:06
what are the differences that need to be addressed to convert a hack from the 2x version to the 3x version?

16 Feb 2005, 02:28

16 Feb 2005, 02:39
dont even think about it cos its not gonna happen

Recode from start~

16 Feb 2005, 02:50
I think it greatly depends on the hack.
Functions and more have changed greatly from v2->v3 but some queries could possibly be still reused from the v2 hack version.

16 Feb 2005, 02:54
their are a few good vb2 hacks that still work on vb3 but excludes most database installations but its a rare find to actually find them

16 Feb 2005, 02:55
ok so where would i start to learn the new info for the vb3 in order to start from scratch and work on this problem

16 Feb 2005, 02:58
you would have to know PHP to be able to create a hack and just basically know the VB3 code

16 Feb 2005, 04:11
im pretty afluent in php and am just wanting to learn the new vb3 code and looking for where i should start?

16 Feb 2005, 04:17
start by just looking at your forums code, just download a copy of the VB3 from the members area and look at what everything does. then install a beta forum that no one else can see, and test your modifications on it

16 Feb 2005, 04:39
ok cool. i will go that route. thanks for the insight. much appreciated eva01