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21 Feb 2005, 15:03

What an excellent hack, and version 2.0 installed no problems. Just a note, that the instructions don't say to update your image paths, and you'll get an error till you do it. Other than that, it installed just perfectly.

What I'm hoping somebody can tell me how to do is to change the work Article that I see everywhere to the word Recipe.

I thought it would be in either the templates or in the language files, such as the en.js file. But didn't see it in either.

21 Feb 2005, 15:07
It's all in the phrases.
All vbArticles phrases start with a 'vbart_' prefix, to make them easier to find.

Ohh ptmuldoon...i just remembered I'd PM-ed you about the recipe thingy :)
In your case, it may be easier to drop all previous phrases created, and install a new set of phrases specific to your needs ( recipe book ). Changing that many phrases one by one may drive you insane :laugh:

Drop me a PM and I'll write a phrase install script for you.

21 Feb 2005, 15:30
OK, I quess I'm dumber than I thought. I see that within the templates. ie. in the VbArticles_main template, I see [vbart_featured], which looks to be saying "Featured Article"

But I haven't been able to locate where [vbart_featured] is referencing that. I know you mentioned phrases, but I can't seem to locate the correct file(s) or template(s) yet to edit that informatoin.

21 Feb 2005, 15:35
You can access the phrases by clicking on the link here in your admincp nav panel.

Search in Phrases.

Enter 'vbart_featured' in the search for text field,
select 'Phrase Variable Name Only' in select in

and click FIND

Then you click edit and you can change the text.

21 Feb 2005, 15:52
Thanks. Now I get it.