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01 Mar 2005, 16:37
Congrats on the new forum partner, you deserved it.

As you know, I am running a heavily modified version of this lovely hack, so every upgrade you post, is a "Will it work or not" question for me (not your fault). With 2.3, I noticed the change in vBChat.php, regarding the two separate procedures for the message table and the users table. Good idea.

My question is, have you changed anything else in the templates (especially the scripts used in them, I do not care for the appearance), and the admin program?

I am using it for an hour now and all seems to be OK, but I just want to be sure.

Thank you Sir!

Zero Tolerance
01 Mar 2005, 16:42
The chat_main and chat_iframe templates were changed, that is all :)

chat_main - Get rid of one iframe, and a usefull JS function
chat_iframe - Intergrated the 2 datas (messages/users in chat) into 2 seperate <span> tags so the JS can export them to viewable iframes :)

- Zero Tolerance

01 Mar 2005, 17:55
i didnt want to open a new thread , so if i may post my question here !

i want to uninstall the hack ? i want to make a clean install 'cause things got messed up real bad .

is there a simple procedure to do this !

thank you

Zero Tolerance
01 Mar 2005, 20:37
Run these DB Queries:
drop table `vb3_vbchat_datastore`
drop table `vb3_vbchat_store`
alter table `vb3_user`
drop vbchat_pref_font_face,
drop vbchat_pref_font_color,
drop vbchat_pref_user_ignore,
drop vbchat_pref_status,
drop vbchat_pref_auto_on,
drop vbchat_pref_auto_msg,
drop vbchat_pref_in_room;

Change "vb3_" in all of those queries to your table prefix defined in config.php
Next step is real easy, just go through the install file and "undo" the edits you made.
They you may proceed to install fresh :)

- Zero Tolerance