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02 Mar 2005, 05:55

I have repaired/reconfigured all the broken Templates (at least the ones that were broken on my forum). Now, all the templates work with my six different styles. I know you were looking for help with them. So, how would you like me to get them to you? I read in another post that you would like them in an xml file, but I have no idea how to do that - I'm no coder. Is it simple? Can you explain how? Would it be possible to do it this way: Download the vbulletin-style.xml file from the admincp. Then cut out everything that has nothing to do with RPG.

Otherwise, I could just copy them one by one - even though that would take forever.

Here's some example of the fixed templates: - Now it looks like it was meant to (with a few minor tweaks that is).

I think I ansered my own question. I copied all (I think) of the RPG templates and created a .xml file in dreamweaver.

This file is really only for people who REALLY know the RPG system! Do NOT install these templates until you are given the OK by Revan or whoever is in charge of this Hack. If you choose to use these anyway, you may possibly break your board and I will not be held responsible or help you fix it. Please wait until this has been properly checked out. Thanks.

By the way, the rpg_manual template in this zip is broken. I've fixed it on my site, but I must have made a change to this one. Just use the one that comes with the hack.

Keep in mind: I know very little about this hack - do you really want to trust that?

02 Mar 2005, 06:19
For the first attachment, it seems like the <td>s for the Battles Fought are not wide enough, because it appears like the 0 is being "cropped".
For the second template, I don't really see any difference between this and the current one, apart from the fact that you don't have the fix to expand the width of the "Class/Race/Element" table, so the Element Name appears on a new line, resulting in the Battle Scene offset you have.

But if they work with all your styles, then they obviously are better than the current ones :p
To generate an .xml file, all you have to do is take the rpg_templates.xml in the RPG zip and copy over all the current templates.
I can't see how it would take any more time than it would to copy 150+ templates into a .txt file with proper spacing, etc... ;)


02 Mar 2005, 06:31
Considering most of my templates looked like this, I'd consider it an improvement. Anyway just trying to help those of us who are having this issue.