View Full Version : Regenerate HP???

02 Mar 2005, 16:49
Can we include this in future release? HP will regenerate slowly overtime. This is useful for those who is too poor to pay for healing.

02 Mar 2005, 19:00
This would defeat the purpose of the Healing Center having a cost wouldn't it :P
People would just not battle until their HP was recovered.

However this could be made into a skill to be added into future versions.

02 Mar 2005, 19:34
yeah, how about we can buy a item named Ring of Regeneration that can regenerate our HP slowly overtime
or we can visit a Fountain of Heath to heal slowly
When we are at the Fountain, we cannot battle...sth like that
A lot of my members request for regenerating feature

02 Mar 2005, 21:09
Well it can't happen until the 3rd eta in my Zig anyways.
Why don't you try some of this:
* Give users more points for posting
* Lower/disable heal cost
* Raise the bank interest rate