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04 Mar 2005, 07:02
For some reason this is the only forum I can post in. :ermm: Anyway, I am a member of www.ffx-2.com and we are currently in the process of upgrading the forum. Lots of things are changing, including a new RPG battle hack. So here is the lowdown:

I am part of my car clubs (Illinois F-Body Association @ www.ilfba.com) administration and was wondering if there was a hack like the RPG on www.FF-X2.com . Basically what I am looking for is being able to race cars and gain experience and become faster and level up from say street racer to NHRA Champion. Also, maybe a Performance shop where you could buy upgrades like exhaust, intake, heads, cam, nitrous, gears, and the whole shindig. Is there a way to modify a current hack? What would it take to make one? I am not very knowledgeable in this area of design, but was merely sent out to find answers to our clubs questions, as we are new and growing. We want the site to succeed with great prospects and this would help out a lot. Sorry this is the wrong forum again, for some reason I can not post in others.

Thank you for your time and concentration,

Chris Siamanis

Tony G
04 Mar 2005, 13:29

You are currently showing up as unlicensed. To be able to download hacks and/or receive support here at vBulletin.org, we ask you to please click here (http://www.vbulletin.com/members/membersupport_priority.php) (vB-germany users click here (http://www.vbulletin-germany.com/members/forums.php)) and enter your email address, to show us that you are licensed.

You will need to use your customer number and password (which will be in the email you got when you paid for your license) to access that page. Please note that your email is case sensitive. The update of your account may take up to one hour.

Thank you.