View Full Version : Admin Permissions not there, and Debug On

05 Mar 2005, 14:05
In the new zip the battledebug is on by default.

Also, I don't know if it's a query or a file edit that is needed, but the new code you added for the admin/index.php puts the rpg links under a new permission setting called "canadminrpg"

That isn't created anywhere in your hack that I can see.

I temporarily changed it to "canadminsettings" so that I could work on the rpg from the admincp.

How do you fix this though? Having a separate permission for messing with the RPG settings is an awesome idea and a feature I'd love! :)

05 Mar 2005, 15:42
Sh*t! I know I forgot something!
Okay I rebuilt the instructions.
Im uploading the fix as soon as I look over feedback of some other bugs.

06 Mar 2005, 00:58
New version you have up has all the file changes :).....

but your just missing the phrase ;)

To fix - language & phrase manager -

Add a phrase

Variable name : can_administer_rpg
Text: Can Administer RPG?

06 Mar 2005, 02:55
Aw crap, the phrase wasnt there either eh :P
I was sure I had updated the phrase .xml file.
Ah well, I will now! :p

To fix, create the phrase can_administer_rpg with the text Can Administer RPG under Permissions phrases